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Sr. Manager, Recruiting

I'm a veteran and a military spouse. And thanks to Amazon's commitment to the veteran community, I've created a meaningful second career since leaving the Marine Corps. 

I joined the Marine Corps in my early 20s -- inspired by the opportunity to make a difference. In the summer of 2001, I graduated from officer candidate school and reported for duty at the Pentagon right after 9/11. I was devastated for our country, but I felt even more committed to serving at this pivotal time in history. 

I had life changing experiences in the military. I met remarkable people, including my husband, Chris, who's also a Marine. In our first two years of marriage, Chris and I spent 54 days together. The dual-military life we carved out wasn't easy – but it was ours. Between multiple deployments, we had three kids.

After a decade of service, Chris and I decided to transition from active duty. It made sense for our family. But it was also daunting – the Marines had given my life so much meaning. While networking for opportunities, I found a job that excited me – standing up a veteran recruiting initiative at Amazon. A future colleague reached out to help me prepare for my interviews. I'll never forget her generosity of time which was critical to my transition. 

Our recruiting teams continue to serve as resources to veteran and military spouse applicants. We want them to know Amazon values their leadership and experiences. I'm proud that, since 2011, we've hired more than 10,000 US veterans. Our teams know that having a strong internal network for veterans and military families will make the transition easier – so we formed an affinity group called Amazon Warriors.Through Amazon Warriors, we've created mentorship programs and organize volunteer opportunities, like sending care packages to troops.

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