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Andres H.

Treasury Manager

I joined Amazon in 2006 having just graduated college. In 2008 I joined Treasury as a Financial Analyst, excited to join a small group that worked closely with Amazon’s global business teams as well as in global financial markets as stewards of Amazon’s cash. The pace and complexity have consistently been challenging and rewarding.

What I like about Treasury is you can spend a decade here and not get bored. Treasury is unique as a small department with broad, global responsibilities. We need to work with business groups scoping and supporting new launches, making sure our global banking infrastructure and partners can support us at scale. We also need to work in global financial markets, investing Amazon’s cash as efficiently as possible and managing financial risk. Throughout my time in Treasury I’ve had different responsibilities every 18 or so months, constantly learning and solving new challenges as the company continues to grow. I’ve opened bank accounts all over the world, negotiated million dollar pricing contracts, executed billion dollar wire transactions, and built and presented cash forecast models for the CFO. (Alas, I still haven’t won the annual bowling tournament… yet).

In 2014 I had the opportunity to relocate to Luxembourg, charged with building a permanent local Treasury team that can specialize in better supporting our EU business partners and customers. This has been the most rewarding challenge yet - it has been a great experience working with new people from all over the world, and an incredible learning experience. Personally this has been the opportunity of a lifetime; being able to travel through Europe, make new friends, and experience life as an expatriate has been eye opening. Biking through the French countryside, midnight snow-shoeing in the Italian Alps, and white knuckle driving on the wrong side of Irish roads are experiences I won’t soon forget.

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