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Catherine B

Manager, Machine Learning

Catherine joined Amazon shortly before Echo was launched in 2014. She has been a part of Alexa’s growth, seeing it transform from an unknown product into a successful service. Catherine’s team has been responsible for enabling Alexa on Fire TV and Fire tablets, as well as expanding the sorts of things you can ask Alexa about. "Being able to contribute directly to Alexa’s success is very rewarding,” she says. 

Catherine’s team is based in Cambridge UK, but the team works with teams from all over the US and Europe. "We have challenging problems to solve, but cannot solve them alone,” she says. "Working together with different teams takes me outside of my comfort zone and gives me insight into parts of the business I am not familiar with."

Catherine's research interests are machine learning for speech and language understanding. She sees Alexa as a great example of how these technologies can come together into a product that customers love because it makes their lives easier.

Outside of work, she loves to run and take photos.

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