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Project/Program/Product Management—Technical

We build digital products that improve, entertain, or simplify the lives of our product users around the world.

Creating the products of the future

This is an exciting space. It all starts as we discover a product need, consider market dynamics, and build early prototypes. We set a clear product strategy and vision, we iterate with our users, and we define compelling business cases. We work with technology and UX partners to bring a product to life.

All of this happens within mature program management frameworks to ensure we deliver new services to our users with speed and care.

We’re looking for people with curious minds—people who have a passion for building great products and for managing projects efficiently.

Employee spotlight

We strive to be a top employer for diverse talent, and to make Amazon a place where leaders from all backgrounds want to grow their careers. Representation at all levels is critical to serving all customers and accomplishing this goal, and diverse leaders attract and retain diverse talent.


Mark, Principal TPM, Amazon Fulfillment Technology

Prior to joining Amazon in 2018, Mark spent nearly 20 years as an engineer and then technical program manager (TPM) in the semiconductor industry, focusing on solid state storage.


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