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Come build the future with us

Amazon Games aspires to be the most player- and partner-obsessed company in gaming. We’re the place for builders and innovators to unleash their creativity. We connect players and developers to the games and communities they love. Our initiatives include game development, publishing, marketing, and live operations, integrated business operations to connect players and game developers.

In addition to releasing New World, an MMO set on a supernatural continent in the Age of Exploration, and publishing Lost Ark, from acclaimed studio Smilegate RPG, we’re working on new IPs from our studios and teams in the US, Canada, and Europe, along with other projects in development.

We believe in building teams and products that reflect and offer an inclusive environment for all our employees and players. We encourage our teams to push boundaries, challenge each other, and learn ways to unlock their full potential. We’re growing and creating as we go—we want you to join us on this journey!

Get to know Amazon Games

  • Build the future of New World

  • Lost Ark: Announcement Trailer

Our people

  • Marcus

    “I’ve done QA, scripting, and programming. I’ve worked on consoles, handhelds, mobile, and PCs. I’ve made original titles, ports, first-person games, and open world. Now I work on New World, an MMORPG, managing our user interface.

    If you want to craft an item, look at the list of members in your company, create said company, or see the contents of your backpack...that’s where I come in. I look at the design, put all the text and buttons in the right place, make sure they say the right things, and make sure they do what you want them to do. Then I hand it off to the artists to make it look good. If the game doesn’t display the right info, I can go in and fix the code as well.”

  • Gabriela

    “I grew up watching my brother play games like Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, and soon I started playing them myself.

    A gaming ad I came across when studying graphic design in Mexico, where I’m from, made me realize I could pursue a career in gaming. That was the moment when I decided to follow my passion.

    As part of the Outsource team, I send 3D and 2D game art to outsource vendors all over the world. When it comes back, we review it and make sure it complies with quality standards and technical restrictions.”

  • Jorge

    “As far back as I can remember, I’ve wanted to make games. I began my career at Infogrames/Atari in 2001 as a QA tester on the publishing side.

    New World is my first MMO and live product. As a producer, my main responsibility is facilitating and ensuring that the team is running smoothly. Whenever there’s an obstacle, I’m there to remove it.

    Supporting a live game and responding to customer feedback immediately has been awesome. Our community has been very helpful in identifying issues that are hard to track down and providing details that help us resolve them. I can honestly say that I’ve grown tremendously as a producer since joining Amazon Games.”