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Global Tax

Global Tax seeks to be a proactive, strategic partner for the planning and growth of Amazon’s business to ensure tax, legal, and regulatory compliance on a global basis. Global Tax applies the same proactive mindset with external tax authorities to evaluate prospective legislation and regulations, and to address future risk.

Controllership and business support

Our mission is supported by the four basic Tax functions: (1) Tax Planning, (2) Tax Reporting & Compliance, (3) Tax Audit, and (4) Tax Policy.

  • Planning

    We support Amazon’s business activities from an overall tax perspective. This support includes, but isn’t limited to, advising on the tax impacts of business launches, expansions, and changes, and developing tax-related policies. In addition, the we drive the efficient implementation of tax laws and provide various levels of tax controllership.

  • Reporting and Compliance

    We ensure Amazon remains in compliance with its worldwide tax obligations and tax-related financial disclosures. This includes, but isn’t limited to, filing Amazon’s various worldwide direct (income) and indirect (VAT, GST, etc.) tax returns, remitting tax due to tax authorities (on behalf of Amazon and our payees), and preparing certain financial statement disclosures (tax provision).

  • Audit and Controversy

    We manage tax audits and related queries from tax authorities in various jurisdictions, primarily in the Americas and APAC. We collaborate with other tax functions, such as Transfer Pricing, International Tax, and Tax Reporting & Compliance in the management of all aspects of such tax audits. We’re also responsible for reviewing US Power of Attorneys (Form 2848s) to ensure compliance with IRS instructions, consistency, and tracking of all authorizations.

  • Policy

    We engage with government representatives for the purpose of influencing and explaining potential tax legislation or regulations at the city, state, national, regional (i.e., EU), and global level. We also engage with quasi-governmental organizations, such as the OECD, EU, IMF, Committee on State Taxation, the Tax Foundation, and others. We partner with Amazon Public Policy and work closely with industry groups.

Working in Finance and Global Business Services

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Our leaders talk about our business and culture.

Ana M., Tax Director

Before joining Amazon, Ana studied law at the university in Bilbao. She then joined an international law firm specializing in taxation in Madrid. A few years later, she became a mom to twins.

Ana’s Amazon journey started in 2013 as an international tax manager. Five years later, she became a tax director. Ana now leads the tax area for EMEA, supporting Retail, Third Parties, and Operations. “One of my worries was that I would miss the dynamism of working for diverse clients and on cases like I had at the law firm, but I haven’t felt bored one day since I came to Amazon.”

“I was raised with the mindset that you can make it; there’s no limit,” she recalls. This attitude helps her on a daily basis: “I’m passionate about taxation and really enjoy my job. I always had the ambition to move to the next level, and I communicated it openly. My manager and my husband have been a great support in my career development.”

Ana moved overseas twice in her career, first to New York and then to Luxembourg. “It might not be for everyone, but there isn’t a more enriching experience than living in a foreign country. My tip to make the transition smoother is building a network quickly. Networking with parents from my children’s school or with neighbors was helpful. I also recommend signing up to events to meet people within and outside Amazon.”

“As a mom the flexibility I have at Amazon is priceless. Some days I work from home or manage my agenda in a flexible way. I may arrive later at the office one morning to attend an event for my children and reconnect later at home when it’s more convenient for me,” she explains.

Ana’s final advice is that everyone should push themselves to be more open-minded. “Diversity is what brings fresh ideas and the best results. Don’t limit yourself; make sure you’re not establishing barriers communicating or interacting with people. Review your biases and question yourself.”


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