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Work the job that works for you

Join us as a fulfillment associate. Send your application today!

We're looking for associates to work in our fulfillment centers throughout Germany

Earn between 14.00 € and 15.00 € per hour.

We're opening a brand new Fulfillment Center in Dummerstorf

Prior experience isn’t required - we’ll equip you with the skills and knowledge to thrive from day one.

Amazon fulfillment associate jobs

You’ll be part of a fulfillment center team that gets orders ready for customers relying on Amazon’s services.

AMXL fulfillment associate jobs

AMXL processes the big, heavy stuff, such as treadmills, washing machines, and freezers. You’ll be working with these items, picking, moving, and loading them with the help of others, or using equipment and machinery.

We offer a range of part-time and full-time roles in locations across Germany

Check out our Sortation Associate roles below:

Your job should work for you

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At Amazon, we understand that work doesn’t stop on the job. Because when you’re done with the order tracking, item packing, or box stacking, you’re doing the school dropping, the grocery shopping, the city tripping, the kick-flipping, the freestyle grooving, or the personal record improving. That’s why we have warehouse jobs that work for you.

Need a ride?

We offer various transportation options.

Our benefits

The wages for our logistic employees are at the upper end of comparable jobs. We offer temporary full-time as well as half-time jobs, which are appropriate for students. The entry wage is between 14.00 € and 15.00 € (calculated gross hourly wage). You also get the following:


Take home some extra money if you reach certain goals.


An entire month is yours for the taking. Amazon provides 28 vacation days.


We offer subsidized meals. Cold snacks and vending machines are available as well as free tea and coffee.

Employee discount

Get 10% discount on Amazon goods on a maximum purchase order of 1000 € per year.

Insurance and pensions

We provide disability and life insurance, as well as an occupational pension scheme.

Career Choice Program

We cover 95% of your training costs, even if you don’t want to stay at Amazon after finishing your advanced training.

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Amazon Germany

We have more than 36,000 permanent employees working in more than 100 locations across Germany.

We offer people with different backgrounds (education, experience, skills) entry, job training, and promotion opportunities. We’re proud of the cultural diversity within our fulfillment centers, where people of more than 150 nations work side by side.

Our success is due to our employees, who are doing their best each day to meet all promises to customers. This success would not be possible without a positive working environment and cooperation.

We strive to provided working conditions and guarantee a healthy and safe working environment.

Take a chance and learn more at About Amazon.


We’re happy to answer questions about your application, your job offer, and more.