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Whether you are a technician, automation specialist, or people manager in Reliability Maintenance Engineering (RME), you roll up your sleeves and solve problems. In our Fulfilment Centres we focus on keeping processes working and our employees safe by completing Planned Preventative Maintenance, fixing problems, amending and updating software in our PLCs, and working with our Operations colleagues to implement changes that make a real difference for our workers and our customers. There are a variety of roles available in RME.

Technicians typically work a shift pattern that covers days and nights. They focus on Planned Maintenance, but also perform reactive maintenance and are involved in process updates and improvements. No two days are the same for RME technicians, and they strive for excellence in their quality of work and productivity.

Senior Technicians use their expertise to take ownership of the performance of technicians and drive quality solutions. They solve problems that have stumped others, support the development of their team, and often pick up specialist work on PLCs.

Automation Engineers drive the heartbeat of our processes. They plan for and execute process optimization and sustainability while working on the software that drives our PLCs with the goal of exceeding customer expectations.

RME Planners take pride in ensuring the Fulfilment Centre is well maintained and ready for the Operations teams. They schedule Planned Maintenance and ensure our CMMS system is fully updated, that we have the right number of spares available, and that any shutdowns work like clockwork.

RME Area Managers are engineers that manage multiple projects and people to deliver excellence at their Fulfilment Centres. No two days are the same for RME Area Managers, and they take ownership in managing their team, partnering with Operations colleagues, making important operational decisions, and inventing quality solutions for seemingly impossible challenges.

RME Managers lead the RME team at the Fulfilment Centre. Working with the Operations leadership team, they drive engineering solutions across the site and ensure that the plant is available, that change is effectively managed, that process improvement happens, and that across the building everything their team requires for success is available to them.

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