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Content Test Specialist, ADECT

Job ID: 1594683 | Afaq Q Tech General Trading


Job summary
Amazon Devices Team is offering a truly exceptional opportunity to be part of a team working on Amazon’s products. Our products need to meet remarkably high standards of quality, performance and reliability, operating around the clock on a massive scale. If you are a curious, talented, detail-oriented and enthusiastic person who is passionate about quality and is enthusiastic about the new cutting-edge technology offered to customers, then this is the right team for you.

Key job responsibilities
• Implement compliance strategy for processing, publishing, and maintaining digital content consumed by Amazon’s customers
• Work with stakeholder teams – customer experience, platforms, tech, products, marketing, business development, solution architects – to raise the quality bar of content while maximizing selection in our Store
• Optimize processes for adding new digital content quickly, while ensuring the content meets Amazon’s high-quality bar and follows Amazon’s policies
• Evaluate and implement Standard Operating Procedures for use in evaluation of digital content, documentation and training to help team members execute
• Handle exceptions to the Standard Operating Procedures, partner with other Amazon groups as necessary to implement the strategy for exception processes
• Test large and complicated components and/or sets of features contributing to overall product quality improvement
• Deal with ambiguity and identify process improvements and put appropriate action plans
• Collaborate with Managers during Project Planning to provide input on component/functional complexities
• Work in absence of preset work instructions or other artifacts and set up the documentation around the same

A day in the life
Content Test Specialists at the Amazon test content and products at the user level, both manually and with automated tools. They are custodians of the high-quality bar Amazon has for its digital offerings. They are excellent individual contributors capable of taking up tasks of test case execution from start to completion with minimal help. They would be responsible for understanding the product in detail, and updating the test case tool with test execution results.

About the team
The ADECT team leverages Amazon’s experience in retail, technology, digital content, and mobile services to build a world-class experience for Amazon enabled devices such as the Fire TV, Fire Tablets and other devices. Devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, and they are enabling customers to access content, applications, and services anywhere.


• Full time Graduate in technology, arts or commerce
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Work experience of 2-3 years in testing and/or operations
• Ability to understand basics of software testing or hardware devices like tablets, smart phones
• Comfortable communicating on emails and across multiple-management levels
• Solid organizational skills and team player
• Attention to details and ability to root cause important issues impacting process or customers
• Basic experience working with basic business software like Word, Excel etc.
• Excellent communication, organizational skills and great team player


• Prior Experience in working with speech or language data will be a plus
• Prior Experience in testing any consumer facing software product/device/website will be a plus
• Strong working knowledge of basic business software like Word, Excel etc.
• Knowledge of web technologies like basic HTML, CSS etc. or Software testing environment
• Knowledge of gaming software or Mobile Apps, Android OS
Fluency in Arabic is essential