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System Development Engineer

Job ID: 1649149 | Amazon Dev Center India - Hyd


Job Description
Amazon strives to delight customers and make their lives easier. We have an extensive range of opportunities to learn and experiment to grow under the guidance of a pioneer engineering community. Amazon is looking for passionate Systems Development Engineers, who can build innovative and mission critical software applications and tools. You will have enormous opportunity to make a large impact on the design, architecture, and development of consumer products. You will be responsible for delivery and support of large-scale, multi-tiered, distributed software applications and tools in a fast paced agile environment.

Key Responsibilities:

· You create end-to-end design of software components, understand how to scope and define requirements, identify potential shortcomings and trade-offs with different design approaches.
· You write, develop, and review scripts, applications, systems, processes and mechanisms that scale with growing demands.
· You write code with high quality to solve problems using efficient data structures and algorithms that include high test coverage.
· You identify opportunities for automation of repetitive tasks such as infrastructure management, system configurations, monitoring, load and chaos testing, etc. and build working solutions that are easy to manage.
· You act as an engineering excellence champion by identifying and implementing industry’s best practices to improve service availability, reliability and efficiency.
· Handle customer impacting events, take part in Incident postmortems, Root Cause Analysis (Troubleshooting) to identify underlying issues and fix them.
· Perform upgrades, decommissions and maintenance for production systems and infrastructure (UNIX/Linux systems, AWS Services, Networking failures, etc.).

Job Locations: Chennai-TN, Hyderabad-TS, Bangalore-KA


Basic Qualifications;

· Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science/Engineering, or related field at time of application.
· Syntactical knowledge in Programming or Scripting languages such as Java, C/C++, Python, etc.
· Knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals such as object-oriented design, Operating systems, Algorithm, design, data structures, and complexity analysis.
· Excellent problem solving skills.
· Good communication, both verbal and written.


Preferred Qualifications:

· Knowledge with distributed, multi-tiered systems, algorithms, and relational databases.
· Knowledge in optimization mathematics such as linear programming and nonlinear optimization.
· Ability to effectively articulate technical challenges and solutions.
· Adept at handling ambiguous or undefined problems as well as ability to think abstractly.
· Learn fast and adapt quickly to a fast-paced/agile development environment.