About Vancouver

Beautiful and Bustling

Work hard. Have fun. Make History!

Work hard.

Surrounded by water, mountains and cherry blossoms, we are proud to push the boundaries of business models and technology, and in doing so, contribute to shaping the future of the Internet. The boldest amongst us are constantly working hard to change the landscape of the industry and set the pace for innovation.

The teams working in our rapidly growing Vancouver office are the driving force behind strategic company-wide goals. Amazon Vancouver provides products and services for all other Amazon sites worldwide.

The expectations are ambitious and the room for professional growth is energising. As we rise to the challenge of ensuring Amazon remains earth’s most customer-centric company, we tackle problems on a planetary scale.

Have fun.

Step into our vibrant Vancouver office and you’ll find yourself having coffee or tea with colleagues with whom you can play football, table football, board games, go cycling or participate in local charitable events like the annual Sun Run or the Vancouver Pride Parade.

Every month we find reasons to celebrate our co-workers’ successes and birthdays and look forward to the annual summer BBQ and post-Christmas party, where the fun continues off-site.

Make history

In the 1990s, we paved the way for e-commerce. In the new millennium, we became the catalyst for the cloud revolution. We’ve come a long way and yet it is only the beginning, because at Amazon, it is always “Day 1”.

We channel colossal amounts of data for the benefit of our customers. We deliver virtually limitless computing power for those who crave it. Beyond opening up a new space for the retail business or enabling other companies to succeed and become giants in their own space, Amazon is changing the way people connect to each other and do business.

From humble origins as a bookseller to selling music and toys, Amazon has expanded its business and moved beyond retail sales to become the technology provider that defines the market for cloud computing.

There is so much innovation happening. Come join us at Amazon Vancouver!

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