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Amazon Music

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Amazon Music

Imagine being a part of an agile team where your ideas have the potential to reach millions. Picture working on cutting-edge consumer-facing products, where every single team member has a critical voice in the decision-making process. Envision being able to leverage the resources of a Fortune-500 company with the atmosphere of a start-up. Welcome to Amazon Music, where ideas are born and come to life as Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Music and so much more. 

Everyone on our team has a meaningful impact on product features, new directions in music streaming and customer engagement.  We are looking for new team members across a variety of job functions including software engineering/development, marketing, design, ops and more. Come and join us as we make history by launching exciting new projects in the coming year.

Our team is focused on building a personalised, curated and seamless music experience. We want to help our customers to discover up-and-coming artists, but also have access to their favourite established musicians.  In order to support our customer base, we build systems that are distributed on a large scale, spanning our music apps, web player and voice-forward audio engagement on mobile and Amazon Echo devices powered by Alexa. Amazon Music offerings are available in countries around the world and our applications support our mission of delivering music to customers in new and exciting ways that enhance their day-to-day lives. 

Come and innovate with the Amazon Music team!

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