Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk Management

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Internal audit
Internal Audit is one of many mechanisms at the company that contributes to continuous improvement. We focus on business processes and the technologies that support them, looking for risks that could harm the company. We have a variety of skill sets on our team, including finance, technology and other backgrounds. We are part of the Finance organisation and report to the CFO, Brian Olsavsky. The VP of Audit takes direction from and provides updates to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors.

Enterprise Risk Management
The Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance team is responsible for identifying the company’s top risks and checking that the appropriate compliance activities are in place. ERMC complements the many other risk and compliance groups embedded within Amazon businesses and tackles risk from an enterprise perspective. Our variety of skill sets helps us to quickly solve issues. Our team has Project Management, Business Intelligence, Compliance, Investigation, Auditing, Software Development and other skill sets represented across the following teams: the Compliance Audit Team (CAT), which is responsible for ongoing monitoring and control testing for compliance programmes; the Programme Management Team, which manages the implementation of risk mitigation and compliance programmes by leveraging technology solutions and programme management methodology to help businesses address compliance requirements; the Sanctions Compliance Team, which is responsible for conducting escalated investigations related to compliance programmes and setting or influencing compliance policies across the company; and the Business Continuity Team, which develops frameworks, assessments and remediation plans to make sure the company is prepared to respond and recover from significant events.

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