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Device Software

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Powering the software on Fire tablets, Kindle and more

The Amazon Device Software organisation spans teams across Amazon Lab126 in Sunnyvale and Amazon teams in Seattle, Boston, Austin and global locations like Chennai, Shenzhen, Tel Aviv and Cambridge. The team powers software on revolutionary devices from Kindle to Amazon Echo, working up and down the software stack. Read more about our teams:

Fire OS/Low Level Platform: The Fire OS Low Level Platform team is responsible for the development and new features on Fire OS, an Android-based operating system used in Fire tablets, Fire TV streaming media players and the Echo family of products. The team owns all low-level platform software for Amazon’s devices.

Fire TV: The Fire TV engineering team works on software engineering for the Amazon Fire TV family, which also uses Alexa technology. Fire TV connects customers to a world of online entertainment, streaming over 300,000 films and TV shows in 4K Ultra HD, 1080p or 720p.

Echo Software: This team is responsible for engineering the on-device software for the Amazon Echo family of products.

Fire Tablets & Kindle E-Readers: These teams develop software supporting our best-selling Fire tablets and Kindle family of devices.

FreeTime: This team delivers FreeTime, a subscription that offers unlimited access to thousands of child-friendly books, films, TV shows, educational apps and games. Parental controls also provide peace of mind for parents..

Computer Vision: The Computer Vision team utilises cutting-edge technologies and Amazon data to advance our devices’ capabilities. The team is comprised of research scientists responsible for developing proprietary computer vision algorithms and software developers who engineer on-device software and mobile apps for products like the Echo Look.

Digital Security: The Digital Security team works to keep our customers safe, while maintaining and enhancing customer trust covering the full suite of Amazon devices and key services (including Alexa) 

Accessibility and Internationalisation: These teams focus on making our devices accessible and delightful for customers across the globe.

Apps & Services: This wide-ranging organisation provides services that benefit all of our product lines. The team’s responsibilities include product localisation, retail demos, beta programmes, support engineering for customer issues, global field engineering quality assurance and more.

Devices Wholesale-Tech: This team focuses on the technology behind launching and selling Amazon Devices, as well as field engineering.

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