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In Amazon Fulfilment, we leave Wall Street and the suits at home. Our Finance teams don’t just provide data, but own the strategy, drive development, and influence their business partners. This requires strong accounting acumen and use of quantitative analysis to create new processes. Backgrounds in supply chain, logistics and manufacturing help our financial leaders guide the business in creating fiscally responsible policies and ultimately transferring the cost savings to our customers. Our site-based teams of front-facing controllers and business analysts are responsible for budgets and are integral to the success of the business. As a core part of Operations and Customer Service, each team delivers the full spectrum of financial services, from putting strict financial controls in place to delivering the detailed business analysis that drives change.

Helping our stakeholders identify and drive savings is our key area of focus. That includes planning and forecasting operating costs and capital expenditure, reporting actual figures and analysing variations to our plan. We also get involved with new initiatives, assessing their financial impacts from the word go. Project work takes a lot of our attention too. We often set up new finance processes to track spend, or get involved in costing expansion plans and new site planning. It’s varied, challenging, absorbing work that involves us in all areas of finance at site level and across the wider Amazon Fulfilment functions.

Who we look for

Finance specialists who are as good with people as they are with figures, analytical, great with detail and always accurate. More than that, we look for people who understand how the numbers relate to the business and can explain it all clearly to non-finance specialists. Being comfortable working in an exciting, fast-paced environment is a must and you’ll need to be confident challenging the status quo too.

To join us in finance, you’ll need to think long-term, be resourceful and focused on spending money where it will make a real difference. You’ll have the credibility and conviction to challenge decisions, but also be able to get behind a decision that’s been made.

Typical roles

Roles in finance vary hugely – from Finance Director to Senior Finance Analysts, Finance Analysts and Business Analysts. We also look for Finance Managers of different levels and Controllers.

Operations Finance

Operations Finance

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