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Our IT professionals have a passion for technology, project management, and customer service. Our IT teams work on the floor to provide top-tier support to internal clients. A job in Amazon’s IT department provides a chance to take the lead on rolling out cutting edge technology and troubleshooting complex issues.

We look after all Amazon Fulfilment’s IT infrastructure – all the technology people use in the Fulfilment Centres and Corporate Fulfilment Offices – plus everything from planning, budgeting, purchasing, and implementation through to support. We interact with all external vendors and suppliers as well as every department in each building and around the globe. Operations, Customer Service, Software Development and all other support teams are our customers. We sort out their issues over the phone, by email, through online chat and at their desks.

You’ll be delivering technical support for large IT and telecom infrastructures, helping get brand new systems up and running, getting your hands on new technologies and learning how to solve complex problems. And, thanks to the technical challenges, you’ll never be bored and you’ll work with all sorts of technical IT disciplines. What’s more, the teams are expanding rapidly so we can set up and support new buildings throughout Europe. On top of this, our technical mentoring will open fresh areas of IT to you and could well lead to new positions in many countries.

All our teams vary in size, depending on the complexity of the site, how much support people need and the building’s operating hours. But wherever you join us, IT roles are fast paced and very fluid.

Who we look for

People with in-depth technical knowledge who’ve proved they can deal effectively with LAN wiring, hardware and software issues. And the better you are at managing your time and juggling priorities, the better you’ll be able to handle a high volume of requests. Teamwork, communication skills and a good sense of humour are also essential, as is an endless desire to improve – whether that’s yourself, our services and support, or the working day.

Typical roles

Typical roles in IT and technical support include IT Support Technician, IT Support Manager, and IT Support Engineer and System Administrator.

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