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The Treasury organisation oversees the areas of cash management, investments, risk management, foreign exchange and capital structure for Amazon.  We also play a key role in supporting a very broad range of business initiatives and act as an internal consultant to the business and operating teams as it relates to treasury and risk management issues. 

Treasury manages the global banking platform for the Amazon group entities.  This includes providing daily business liquidity, provisioning bank accounts, short- and long-term investment strategy, supporting technical integrations between the banks and AP, AR, Accounting, Payroll and Payments.  Treasury maintains signatory and bank authority permissions and the associated controls.   In addition, Treasury manages the global cash forecast.

The Capital Markets Team is focused on three primary areas: Debt/Capital Markets, Financial Risk Management and Foreign Exchange Operations. We manage the public debt portfolio, analyse debt market opportunities and assist with the procurement and management of lease financing. We also collaborate with WW Operations Finance to analyse and provide financing options, including leases for fulfilment centres and equipment to support various initiatives including Prime Air, Last Mile and Middle Mile. We are responsible for all FX trading activity, which includes both large inter-company trades and the administration and development of automated cross-border disbursement systems used by FinOps and Payments. The team also tracks exposure to financial risks such as foreign exchange risk, banking counterparty risk, sovereign risk and commodity risk.

In Risk Management, we support Amazon by partnering with teams around the globe to help them make cost-effective decisions in keeping with the company's business strategies and Amazon's risk appetite. We evaluate and improve Aamzon's risk profile via insurance and loss prevention programmes.  Should we have a loss, our team works directly to support employees with work-related injuries in the USA and other insured losses worldwide.

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