We design solutions that improve digital advertising — for customers, advertisers, and everyone in between.

We're designing products that improve digital advertising — for customers, advertisers, and everyone in between.

We're a team of highly motivated problem solvers; designers, technologists, and researchers at the heart of Amazon advertising. From creative concepting and prototyping, to campaign delivery and reporting, we craft end-to-end solutions that help global brands reach millions of customers on desktop, mobile, Kindle, Fire tablet, Fire TV, and Alexa.

About us

Enterprise User Experience

Our enterprise UX team designs planning, management, and reporting tools that make the complex seem simple, enabling advertisers to run high-volume advertising campaigns with the click of a mouse. They're committed to distilling diverse user needs into experiences that balance efficiency with robust utility.

Design Technology

Our technologists think big about digital advertising, bringing high-impact custom advertising campaigns to life. When they're not experimenting with virtual reality, Fire TV, Alexa, and other new technologies, they build tools to help teams create ads more efficiently.

Product Design

From simple display ads to complex landing pages, from small mobile devices to Fire TV, our product designers strive to make ads relevant and respectful. As part of confidential Amazon projects, they concept, test, and operationalize new forms of advertising that keep customers' best interest in mind.

User Research

Digital advertising is a young and ever-evolving industry. Our UX researchers help uncover the unknown; learning about our customers, identifying new opportunities, and improving our products through testing. They champion usability in every stage of the product lifecycle: from discovery and design to deployment.


Check out our view!

We sit on the 14th floor of one of Amazon's newest towers, Doppler. We have a wonderful view of the Seattle Space Needle and even some breathtaking views of the Puget Sound and it's surrounding mountains.

In the news

Amazon's SmileCodes are QR codes users scan to get discounts and other offers

The Verge - January 31, 2018

"Amazon is rolling out its own branded QR codes named SmileCodes. The SmileCodes allow mobile shoppers to activate offers from Amazon by scanning the codes when they see them in the physical world. Amazon says SmileCodes can only be activated via the Amazon app and are secure and exclusive to Amazon users." ...Read More

Amazon Has a Plan To Become Profitable. It's Called Advertising

AdAge - January 18, 2018

"Now along comes a business that could generate consistent and healthy returns: It's called advertising. Over the past several years, Bezos & Co. have quietly put together the pieces for a marketing platform that lets Amazon make money from the sheer size of its audience." ...Read More

Amazon Surges In The Crowded DSP Space, According To Advertiser Perceptions Survey

Ad Exchanger - March 30, 2017

"This year, that surprise comes from Amazon, whose Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) surpassed Google's DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) to be the most-used DSP, according to 800 demand-side marketers (with a roughly 60/40 split between agencies and brands) surveyed by the advertising analytics firm Advertiser Perceptions for its annual industry report." ...Read More

Amazon Raises Ad Stakes With Video Advertising

Media Post - March 10, 2017

"The new out-stream video advertising product allows advertisers to run an autoplay feature in videos as shoppers browse on the Amazon platform across desktop, tablets and smartphones." ...Read More

Google's biggest threat in advertising is Amazon, WPP's Sorrell says

CNBC - March 1, 2017

"Amazon is the biggest threat to Google in search, while Snapchat could be the "third force" in the digital ad market behind the Alphabet-owned company and Facebook, Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of the world's largest ad firm, WPP, said Wednesday." ...Read More

Meet Robin!

Amazon is dog friendly so expect to see our four-legged friends around the office. Robin is one of our many team mascots and loves to play on the 17th floor dog run.

Our locations

With advertising customers in North America, Europe, and Asia, we endeavor to maintain a global mindset. To help with this, our team is spread across two continents and five time zones, located in Seattle, New York City, London, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis.

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