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Help us grow our impact by engaging our talent

Our mission to be Earth’s most customer-centric company would be impossible without our talented people. Their hard work and creative thinking ensure we deliver great customer experiences.

Our HR experts find talented people who are aligned with our values, and empower our staff to perform at their very best. You’ll be there every step of the way: searching for candidates, recruiting and onboarding new joiners, and creating training and career plans.

Join us to help our staff develop their potential. And you, too, will have the tools to take your career in interesting new directions.


Positions in the team
We typically have positions available for these roles:
HR Assistant
You’ll be the first point of contact with employees, assisting with hiring and onboarding. You’ll play a key role in queries around time and attendance, and salary payments.

HR Business Partner
You’ll help build an inclusive and diverse workforce. You'll design talent plans, monitor feedback from staff, and drive retention and reward programs. You’ll be a trusted adviser to senior leadership teams, as well as recruiting for a variety of mid-range and senior roles.

HR Manager
You’ll lead a team of HR staff and manage employees’ performance, expectations, and goals. You'll create new strategies for talent management and staff engagement. You’ll also be responsible for career development for the broader team that you serve.

You’ll attract, engage and hire talent for Amazon teams. You’ll be focused on tasks like market research, candidate screening, and interviews. You’ll build and maintain a network of talented prospects, while working with hiring managers to find the right people.

Recruiting Coordinator
You'll help to coordinate the recruitment process. This includes updating job postings and updating candidate records on our systems. You'll review resumes and conduct phone screens. You'll also report on recruitment activities.

You’ll work in a team of recruiters who reach out to candidates and nurture strong relationships. You’ll conduct research, maintain a network of potential candidates, and conduct interviews.

Recruiting Manager
In this role, you'll be involved in hiring for management roles and other specialized areas. You’ll create talent acquisition plans and guide your business partners on market trends and recruiting best practices.

Immigration Specialist
You’ll build and manage global immigration programs. You'll create operational policies and compliance guides to meet the needs of candidates and to ensure we comply with relevant law.

Accommodation Consultant
You’ll work with staff and senior leaders to provide any special accommodations that may be required. You’ll manage this entire process and perform reviews to ensure employee safety.

Compensation Consultant
You’ll support our compensation programs. You’ll set and implement salary levels, base pay, and other incentives.

Benefits Specialist
In this role, you’ll develop a roadmap for benefit administration support. You'll define an improvement strategy, and manage the roll-out of new benefits plans.

Talent Management Specialist
You’ll manage talent cycle activities. These include talent reviews, career development, and promotions. In this role, you’ll support learning and development, and support our diversity, equity and inclusion programs.

Learning and Development Specialist
You’ll be part of the leadership team and manage the learning needs of Amazonians. You’ll help employees stay curious and keep learning. For that, you’ll identify ways to improve the quality of training, and support the teams developing their career plans.

Program Manager
In this role, you'll create programs across the entire spectrum of HR activities. You’ll guide Amazon’s HR network through mentorship – advising teams on new approaches, policies and procedures.

Analytics Manager
In this role, you’ll analyze data from a variety of sources, to create reports that serve our talent communities. Your tasks will include creating KPIs and new measurement methods, as well as delivering business reviews to the senior management teams.


“If anyone needs help or has a question, there are fifteen people right there to help. We have each other’s backs, promote a safe space and push each other to be successful.”
Jaramie R.
Recruiting Coordinator

“I love that you have the opportunity to expand yourself to more than your-day-to-day role. I’m not only scheduling interviews, but also creating new processes and SOPs, running new experiments, and leading a team of 3 recruiting coordinators.”
Ali B.
Recruiting Coordinator

“Just as our customers have an amazing experience when they buy from Amazon, we want our employees to know the experience of starting a career here is just as easy and delightful. “
Lloyd W.
HR Operations Director


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