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Sharing and connecting around the world

At Amazon, our customer obsession speaks for itself through new products and services. Behind the scenes, our marketing teams are working hard to spread the word to new and existing audiences around the world.

Our team’s wide range of skills provides a flexible and authoritative source of marketing expertise. Our services are used by other Amazon businesses as well as our clients and partners. We advise on all aspects of marketing, from branding and strategy to social media and PR. Our job is to connect the right message to the right medium so that they reach our customers.

We use the latest tech to help grow business and increase sales. But we never forget that the best marketing ideas come from people, not algorithms. When you join the team, you'll find that imagination is the secret of our success.

Marketing positions include:

•    Marketing Coordinator
•    Marketing Manager
•    Social and Digital Media Manager
•    Brand and Positioning Specialist
•    Strategic Communications Manager


“When marketing is done really well, it’s helping customers solve problems in the moment. You do thorough research, and then all of a sudden you have a display ad for a product that’s a good fit!”
Senior Marketing Manager (Consumer Electronics)

“What I like most about my role is you have the ability to come up with new ideas and to push those ideas forward. You’re not just hired to do what your job title says—you have so much more opportunity to build on that.”
Senior Brand Marketing Manager

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