Sr. Machine Learning Scientist

Job ID: 1028398 | Amazon Development Center DEU


AWS SageMaker is looking for you – a Machine Learning Scientist interested in democratizing machine learning (ML) and empowering the world to do more with it.

We are a Berlin based team of consisting scientists and developers working on Amazon SageMaker. We enable a wide range of external and internal customers to save time and resources when training and deploying machine learning models by, for example, automating the data collection, hyperparameter tuning, or algorithm selection. We innovate in fundamental directions, while being guided by real customer pain points.

Your responsibilities
· Research and implement novel approaches, at the intersection between machine learning and optimization
· Understand our business problem and evaluate your solution accordingly
· Collaborate with developers and pave the way of bringing your solution into production systems
· Communicate and document your research according to the high standards, preferably with external scientific contributions


· PhD student in computer science, machine learning, applied math, statistics, or related field (a candidate not in a PhD program could be considered if she/he has a strong publication record to demonstrate her/his research skills)
· 3+ years of hands-on experience in Python and/or C++ and/or Java
· Designing, running, and analyzing experiments
· Communication and presentation skills
· Problem solving ability


· Publications in top conferences (NIPS, ICML, KDD, AISTATS or journals like JMLR)
· Contributions to open source projects
· Experience with MXNet
· Familiar with Unix, bash scripting and similar