Quantum Research Scientist, Control and Benchmarking

Job ID: 1056474 | Amazon Dev Center U.S., Inc.


The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Center for Quantum Computing in Pasadena, CA, is looking to hire a Quantum Research Scientist with expertise in the high-level design, test and measurement, and benchmarking of superconducting quantum circuits. You will join a multi-disciplinary team of theoretical and experimental physicists, materials scientists, and hardware and software engineers working at the forefront of quantum computing. Candidates may have experiment and/or theory backgrounds. You should have a deep knowledge of the design and implementation of quantum circuits, experience studying their noise properties, and expertise in gate/circuit benchmarking and optimization. You may also have experience in working at a low level close to the hardware, with detailed knowledge of qubit control and read-out techniques. A breadth of knowledge spanning quantum control, quantum error correction, and quantum many-body physics will also be valuable.

Candidates with a track record of original scientific contributions will be preferred. We are looking for candidates with strong engineering principles, resourcefulness and a bias for action, superior problem solving, and excellent communication skills. Working effectively within a team environment is essential. As an experienced scientist, you will be expected to propose and drive new ideas, stay abreast of the field, and lead and mentor junior colleagues.


· PhD in physics, applied physics, or electrical engineering
· 4+ years of industry or academic experience after PhD
· A deep understanding of quantum mechanics and the engineering of quantum systems, with expertise covering multiple of the following topics: superconducting qubits, cavity/circuit QED, quantum optics, open quantum systems, quantum tomography and benchmarking, quantum control, quantum error detection and correction, quantum information, many-body physics
· Superior skills in problem solving, organization, and communication
· Thrives in a collaborative environment


· Proficient in a scientific programming environment (one or more of Julia, Python, Mathematica, MATLAB)

· One or more of the following:
· Strong command of the basic toolset for analyzing superconducting circuits (circuit Lagrangians and Hamiltonians, canonical quantization, etc.)
· Familiarity with black-box quantization and network synthesis
· Experience with simulating open quantum system dynamics
· Familiarity with superconducting quantum circuit fabrication
· Familiarity with low-level hardware for control and read-out of superconducting quantum circuits
· Familiarity with a variety of quantum computing architectures and algorithms

· Experience working closely with scientists and engineers having a wide range of technical skill levels
· Curiosity/capability to research and learn new techniques or technical topics as needed
· Comfortable working in a diverse group and contributing to an inclusive culture