Principal Research Scientist

Job ID: 1059161 | Amazon Web Services, Inc.


We are a passionate team working to build a best-in-class healthcare product designed to make high-quality healthcare easy to access for our employee pilot program.

As a Principal Research Scientist in Amazon Care, you will be responsible for setting our overall research direction, coordinating our research group, and working closely with stakeholders to understand their pain points.

In this position, we are looking for a candidate whose experience blends hands-on clinical experience with a data science and machine learning background.


· MD or similar clinical experience.
· PhD in computer science or related discipline.
· 10+ years of post-doc experience translating established ML techniques into practical applications in the healthcare industry.
· Working knowledge of statistical data analysis techniques.
· Working knowledge of machine learning.
· Working knowledge of Natural Language Understanding techniques.


· Familiarity with a coding language, such as python.
· Familiarity with ML frameworks, such as TensorFlow.
· Ability to independently analyze data using SQL queries or related techniques.
· Ability to distill and communicate machine learning techniques in a way that clearly describes the benefit to non-experts.
· Strong desire to break down barriers between patients and providers and increase the quality and humanity of healthcare.