Head of UX Design and Research, Amazon Business

Job ID: 1095098 | Amazon.com Services LLC


"A dreamy business offering has at least four characteristics. Customers love it, it can grow to very large size, it has strong returns on capital, and it's durable in time -- with the potential to endure for decades. When you find one of these, don't just swipe right, get married." – Jeff Bezos, 2014 Letter to Shareholders

Amazon Business (https://business.amazon.com) launched in 2015 to meet the business purchasing needs of commercial, government, education and non-profit customers of all sizes worldwide. Today, Amazon Business is loved by diverse customers in 9 countries worldwide (and growing), ranging from the largest companies in the world such as General Electric to sole proprietors, using experiences designed for desktop, mobile, to smart shelves. Business buy more than $1 trillion of products each year, ranging from staples to DNA sequencers, in the US alone. By 2018, Amazon Business had already reached $10 billion in sales and remains one of Amazon’s fastest growing segments. And we’re just getting started.

We are looking for a visionary UX Design & Research leader to help us reinvent business purchasing and delight customers. This is a rare opportunity providing breadth in scope and impact for someone who is curious and works backwards from the customer, thinks big while building an iterative path to the future, holds their team and others to high standards with authenticity, and has the experience and judgment to coach and nurture a world class team. Key responsibilities:
· Is a leader of leaders, scaling the design process across 40+ programs at once, in multiple geographies; drives a high level of focus and excellence with a strong, talented, opinionated team; leads with passion and convictions and has the innate ability to inspire passion in others.
· Raises the bar on design quality (never satisfied with status quo) with a team of strong design managers, but spends most of their time in the over-arching portfolio’s design strategy, negotiating priorities, focus, and overall clarity of solution with cross-functional product and tech directors
· Leads an embedded user experience team through partnership (not a service-model or agency organization), driving clarity in definition of customer success across all major initiatives
· Owns and drives the mechanisms used by the design team to work with multiple partners teams in order to get alignment on customer problems, product vision, and accurate priorities
· Drives key functions to measure the health of the customer experience overall to drive necessary changes, both quantitatively and qualitatively
· Responsible for maintaining healthy relationships with partners and stakeholders in locations around the world; prioritizes well based on customer need, not internal dialogue; exhibits excellent judgment and negotiates challenging issues that result in moving the product forward
· Communicates clearly and compellingly within team, across peer groups, and upwardly to highest levels of senior leadership
· Is a visible, driving force in the Design community at large with unique ideas about creative process, problem solving, design leadership, or similar.

This role serves as the strategic UX Design &Research leader for all of Amazon Business. UX Design is the "glue" that enables an end-to-end, holistic user experience, and works with product and engineering leaders across the global organization, driving mechanisms to connect those teams’ work into a single, holistic, end-to-end experience for business customers. The UX team studios are co-located with product and tech teams in Seattle, Austin, Madrid, and Hyderabad. The UX team includes UX Managers, Designers, Researchers, Writers, and Design Technologists. This role can be based in Seattle, WA or Austin, TX.


· 10+ years in design management; 15+ in strategic design
· Extensive experience leveraging appropriate research techniques and data for design decisions.
· Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience is required


· Experience with an e-commerce
· Experience with design for business customers
· Experience scaling design organizations beyond 50+ individuals
· Ability to influence senior leadership, including C-Suite visibility projects
· Experience in a range of interfaces (mobile, desktop, external integrations, devices, natural language interaction)