Applied Scientist, Home Innovation Team

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Are you an inventor interested in the latest research in machine learning and computer vision? Do you want to define the next generation of machine learning and computer vision algorithms? Do you wish you had access to large datasets? Answer yes to any of these questions and you’ll fit right in here at Amazon.

HIT is a new group of seasoned scientists, engineers, product managers, and designers determined to redefine how our customers purchase products for their home. We believe that the objects that we choose to surround ourselves with have a huge impact on our quality of life. Not only they need to be useful, but they need to be beautiful, reflect our style, bring joy and make us proud.

We are looking for a hands-on researcher, who is able to derive, implement, and test a large range of novel computer vision and machine learning algorithms. The research we do at HIT is innovative, multidisciplinary, and far-reaching. We aim to define, deploy, and publish cutting edge research.

The Challenge
As with every project within Amazon, we work backwards from our customer's needs and the challenges they have. Our team will tackle some of the toughest problems in retail.

The technology
In order to achieve our vision, we think big and tackle technology problems that are cutting edge. Where technology does not exist, we will built it. Where it exists we will need to modify it to make it work at Amazon scale. As the problem is so wide and the team new, we need members who are passionate and willing to learn:
· Computer vision and machine learning. If you are passionate about these areas, join us.
· Amazon scale systems. Our algorithms need to work at Amazon scale, serving hundreds of millions of customers with millisecond level latencies.
· Big data & analytics. Amazon is data driven and a strong data backbone is necessary in our systems. We build upon core AWS services. If you are interested in gaining expertise, join us.
· Personalization and machine learning. All technologies will be used in experiences adapted to what customers need, want or prefer.
· Work on multiple platforms typically used in computer vision and machine learning research.
Our Culture and You
We are a tightly net group that share our experiences and help each other succeed. We believe in team work. We love hard problems and like to move fast in a growing and changing environment. We use data to guide our decisions and we always push the technology and process boundaries of what is feasible on behalf of our customers. The most successful members of our team are obsessed with helping our customers in creative ways, and bring clarity to ambiguity through data driven experimentation. If that sounds like an environment you like, join us.

Major responsibilities:
· Derive computer vision, machine learning, and analytical techniques for intelligent information retrieval/classification system to solve business problems.
· Design, develop and deploy highly scalable computer vision and machine learning models.
· Analyze and understand large amounts of Amazon’s historical business data.
· Working closely with software engineering teams to build machine learning based features & products.
· Establish scalable, efficient, automated processes for large scale data analyses, model development, model validation, and model implementation.
· Publish your work.
· Mentor other engineers in the use of ML techniques.
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· PhD or equivalent Master's Degree plus 4+ years of experience in CS, CE, ML or related field
· 2+ years of experience of building machine learning models for business application
· Experience programming in Java, C++, Python or related language
· A PhD in CS, ECE, Statistics or in a related, highly quantitative field.
· Research expertise in computer vision and machine learning.
· 3+ years of hands-on experience in computer vision or machine learning.
· 5+ years Python/Matlab/SQL experience.
· Some experience in scripting for data analysis (Perl, Awk, Python, etc)
· Eager to learn new approaches, algorithms, application areas, and tools.
· Excellent communication skills.
· Strong skills in problem solving, programming, and computer science fundamentals
· Strong algorithm development experience.
· Solid background in statistics, math, CS, machine learning, and computer vision.


· Ph.D. in an analytical area such as Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, or similar.
· Experience writing scientific papers. Ideally, with multiple publications in top computer vision or machine learning conferences/journals, like CVPR, ICCV, PAMI, NeurIPS, ICML, JMLR, etc.
· Experience in designing and implementing computer vision, information retrieval, web mining, neural network, and other classification algorithms.
· 5+ years of experience in large data analysis.
· Solid knowledge of statistics and probability.
· Strong skills with Spark/Perl/Python (or similar scripting language) and Java/C++.
· Knowledge of SAS/Matlab and SQL.
· Experience with large scale data analysis tools. AWS experience is a plus.
· Big thinker that can take broad visions and concepts and develop structured plans, actions, and measureable metrics and then execute those plans.
· Comfortable working in a fast paced, highly collaborative, dynamic work environment.
· Ability to communicate effectively across multiple organizations in the company.