Senior Applied Scientist

Job ID: 1185507 | Amazon Japan G.K.


Amazon Search builds the search engine used for product search on the Amazon shopping site worldwide. The team in Japan is involved in a range of areas with impact on the search engine globally, including the heuristics and machine learning systems used to generate results, and natural language processing for multiple languages supported on Amazon. Our goal is to take the search backend from the level of a string matching device that processes customer questions word by word and takes everything literally, to that of a competent assistant that handles the diversity and richness of expression in queries, product descriptions and accompanying content, and brings queries and products to a match that makes sense.

We are looking for highly motivated applied scientists and engineers interested in delivering the next level of innovation to product search for Amazon. The position is based in the Amazon Japan Meguro (Tokyo) office.

As a Senior Applied Scientist for Search, you will lead the design, implementation and delivery of search features on Amazon worldwide, helping millions of customers every day to find quickly what they are looking for, and to discover products they didn't even know Amazon carried. You will identify and develop new initiatives to improve search relevance, and take part in yearly planning setting the overall science direction for the team. Your improvements to the product search engine will include tailoring search for global marketplaces, using advanced techniques and tools to mine petabytes of data, and running experiments to detect important areas of improvement and measure success. You will be designing solutions, sometimes from the ground up, that scale to efficiently handle billions of queries and items each day. You will be working closely with international teams of bright and talented people all over the world, both in business and in technology. The models that you develop, supported by industrial scale development tools, integrates smoothly and efficiently into one of the largest code bases in the world and runs in data centers worldwide.

Besides possessing knowledge and problem solving expertise in applied science discipline, you must be an innovative thinker and a strong communicator. Working in this position will involve collaborating with English speaking engineers and scientists in the US, Europe, China, India and other places.

Our team is building tooling to allow experimentation of novel tokenization, segmentation, normalization, and representation models for search. We build data-based machine learning tools that are applicable to multiple languages to build language specific models to deeply support how customers search for products in their own language. We solve difficult problems to support multilingual search across a multilingual catalog. Experience in natural language processing and computation linguistics is preferred.

Your areas of responsibility include:
· Designing and implementing new features and machine learned models, including the application of state-of-art deep learning to solve search matching and ranking problems, including spam filtering, new content indexing, and apply document understanding, and linguistic normalization.
· Perform analysis of data and metrics relevant to the search content and experiences.
· Gathering search-technology related requirements from business owners, other tech teams, as well as by analyzing customer feedback.
· Engaging in tech knowledge transfer with other teams.
· Working with teams worldwide on global projects.

Your benefits:
· The opportunity to work for a major online retailer.
· The opportunity to apply state-of-art techniques of applied science.
· An engaging work environment with excellent career opportunities.
· A competitive salary including stock units and other benefits.

Are you interested? We are looking forward to receiving your application. Please submit your application including your CV and cover letter in English. Don't forget to state your earliest start date


Basic Qualifications:
· Very good English skills (including the ability to read and write technical papers in English)
· Masters degree in computer science, computational linguistics, natural lannguage processing, or related field Publications in top-tier NLP and or ML conferences or journals
· Skills with programming language like R, Python and/or Scala or similar scripting language
· At least 5+ years of hands-on-experience in predictive modeling and analysis
· At least 5+ years of algorithmic development experience
· At least 2+ years of R, Python or equivalent, as well as Java, C++ or equivalent


· Ph.D. in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics, Statistics or equivalent. Significant peer reviewed scientific contributions in relevant field.
· 7+ years of extensive experience applying theoretical models in an applied environment.
· Experience in setting team vision and goals, including developing multiple year roadmaps.
· Expertize on a broad set of practical experience of applying techniques, including Deep Learning, statistics, NLP, Recommendation systems or information retrieval.
· Strong fundamentals in problem solving, algorithm design and complexity analysis.
· Expert in more than one more major programming languages (Java, C++ or similar) and at least one scripting language (Python, or similar).
· Strong personal interest in learning, researching, and creating new technologies with high commercial impact.
· Experience with defining organizational research and development practices in an industry setting.
· Great verbal and written communication and presentation skills, ability to convey rigorous mathematical concepts and considerations to non-experts.
· Proven track record in leading, mentoring and growing teams of scientists (teams of 3 or more scientists).