Fintech BDM - ASEAN

Job ID: 1192612 | Amazon Web Services Singapore


The AWS Startup Business Development team champions and works alongside the world's highest-potential startups from conception to exit. Our mission is to ensure that they achieve success by accelerating their engineering and commercial efforts though our people, technology, knowledge, programs, and relationships.

We’re expanding our efforts to help fintech ventures better take advantage of AWS capabilities. We’re looking for a domain expert who will be seen as a peer by fintech founders/CxOs (at all stages of startup maturity), institutional investors, and other key influencers in the fintech ecosystem. Ideally, this individual would be the exited founder/CxO (or early operator) of one or more fintechs.

The role requires a keen sense of ownership, scrappiness, initiative, and a track record of executing in the face of ambiguity, shifting priorities, and limited resources.

Roles & Responsibilities:
· Working with the founders/leaders of venture-backed startups to 1) identify their technical and commercial challenges/opportunities 2) map those needs onto people, technology, knowledge, programs, relationships across Amazon that could potentially help and 3) mobilize those assets to work on behalf of these startup customers
· Developing and holding relationships with key influencers in the fintech ecosystem (e.g. venture funds, accelerators, university labs and programs). Activities include putting Amazon assets to work on behalf of their portfolio companies, driving customer and partner relationships for the portfolio, jointly producing thought leadership and educational events for the broader startup ecosystem.
· Collaborating with generalist colleagues across the global Startup Business Development team to better serve the needs of fintechs leveraging AWS technologies at all stages of startup life from conception to exit.
· Discovering, capturing and reporting back patterns and learnings from the field about challenges and opportunities as they relate to fintech. Continuously assessing the fintech market landscape as it relates to startups.
· Producing fintech thought leadership and technical-leaning content, workshops, and events for the startup ecosystem. Serving as an evangelist and fintech subject matter expert within AWS and externally.
· Informing, influencing and contributing to the work of other financial services-related colleagues across AWS and Amazon including sales, marketing, business development, solutions architecture and product teams. Contributing to the development of our fintech strategy.
· Conceiving, authoring, securing support for, launching and executing new initiatives and programs to meet the needs of fintechs.


· Founder/CxO/early employee of one or more fintech ventures
· 5+ years of customer-facing business experience including sales, marketing, business development responsibilities
· Proven ability to build trust and manage relationships with the C-level leadership of startups, managing directors of investor organizations, and other key influencers in the startup ecosystem
· Knowledge of core cloud computing concepts as they relate to fintechs including compute, storage, networking, databases, and higher order capabilities including serverless and machine learning; Ability to go deep enough on technical aspects to differentiate among various AWS services
· Proven ability to execute as an individual contributor in the face of ambiguity, shifting priorities, and limited resources
· Strong quantitative and analytical skills
· Strong verbal and written communications skills


· MBA or equivalent, ideally with a focus on finance
· Exited founder/CxO/operator of multiple fintech ventures
· 10+ years of customer-facing business experience including sales, marketing, business development responsibilities
· Speaking engagements at fintech conferences and industry events
· AWS SA Associate or equivalent certification
· SQL, analytics and visualization experience
· Software development experience
· Experience working effectively and cross-functionally within a large organization