Quantum Research Scientist – Materials & Surface Scientist

Job ID: 1247496 | Amazon Dev Center U.S., Inc.


The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Center for Quantum Computing (CQC) in Pasadena, CA, is looking to hire a Quantum Research Scientist with expertise in surface science & materials science, who will aid in AWS’s effort to bring cloud quantum computing services to its worldwide customer base. Through your work inside and outside of the cleanroom environment, you will lead projects related to the fabrication and characterization of novel quantum processors by focusing primarily on device surfaces and materials.

As a research scientist you will be expected to work on new ideas and stay abreast of the field of experimental quantum computation. Candidates with a track record of original scientific contributions will be preferred. We are looking for candidates with sound engineering principles, resourcefulness and a bias for action, superior problem solving, and excellent communication skills. Working effectively within a team environment is essential.

Work/Life Balance

At the AWS CQC, we understand that developing quantum computing technology is a marathon, not a sprint. Mental and physical wellness is encouraged within our team and throughout AWS. To that end, we have established an internal wellness program that offers, e.g., meditation scheduling, running group meet-ups, and other wellness tips & efforts. Further, the work/life integration within our team encourages a culture where employees work hard and also have ownership over their downtime. For our research scientists, we also offer flexible hours to help divide your time between lab and desk work.

Mentorship & Career Growth

We are committed to the growth and development of every member of CQC, and that includes our research scientists. You will receive management and mentorship from within the team that is geared toward career growth, and also have the opportunity to participate in Amazon's mentorship programs for scientists and engineers. Working closely with other quantum research scientists will provide opportunities to dive deep into an education on quantum computing.

Inclusive and Diverse Culture

The AWS CQC is intentional about attracting, developing, and retaining amazing talent from diverse backgrounds in order to build a world class team. We’re looking for a new teammate who is enthusiastic, curious, motivated, empathetic, reliable, and able to work effectively with their peers. With Quantum being a new and growing initiative within AWS, you would have an opportunity to make an impact on our budding team culture.


· PhD in materials science, physics, applied physics, or related engineering field
· A demonstrated track record of original, impactful work done on the engineering and characterization of materials surfaces
· Deep knowledge and research experience related to two or more of the following instruments (and their related sub-techniques): XPS, XRD, TEM, ellipsometry, Raman spectroscopy
· Deep knowledge and research experience related to two or more of the following thin film techniques: ALD, sputter deposition, e-beam/thermal evaporation, MBE, CVD, PECVD
· Deep knowledge and research experience related to semiconducting and/or superconducting materials
· Proficient in a scientific programming environment (i.e. one or more of Julia, Python, Mathematica, MATLAB)
· Excellent skills in problem solving, organization, and communication
· Curiosity and capability to research and learn new techniques or technical topics, as needed
· Comfortable working in a diverse group and in contributing to an inclusive culture, alongside other engineers, scientists and technicians who have a wide range of technical skill level
· Thrives in a collaborative environment


· Experience in fabricating superconducting quantum circuit and/or packaging components
· Background in room temperature and/or cryogenic electronic testing
· Background in utilizing design and layout tools for chip scale devices
· Familiarity with a variety of quantum computing architectures and algorithms