Quantum Hardware Engineer - Cryogenic Hardware Integration

Job ID: 1282430 | Amazon Dev Center U.S., Inc.


The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Center for Quantum Computing in Pasadena, CA, is looking to hire a Hardware Development Technician with experience in assembling and testing complex electrical and mechanical systems, working alongside physicists and engineers to develop quantum hardware. The candidate will work with cryogenic systems, microwave electronics, and support hardware. Responsibilities include assembly, maintenance, and servicing cryogenic test setups; maintaining and organizing R&D lab infrastructure and facilities; composing technical documents, and technical troubleshooting. Candidates must have a strong background in engineering principles, and must have basic data analysis, problem solving, and communication skills. Working effectively within a team environment is critical.


· Associates degree in mechanical or electrical engineering
· 4+ years of hands on experience in assembly and maintenance of complex scientific instrumentation
· Self-starter with excellent organizational skills
· Effective working in a team environment
· Curiosity/capability to rapidly research and learn new techniques or technical topics
· Proficient in Microsoft Office


· Experience with precision assemblies (e.g. parts cleaning, mechanical tolerances, torqueing requirements)
· Experience working with cryogenic test setups (e.g. dilution refrigerators)
· Experience with the assembly and testing of microwave (e.g. semi-rigid coax) and low-frequency wiring harnesses
· Excellent craftsmanship in soldering and/or mechanical assemblies
· Ability to assemble, test, rework, and maintain simple PCB electronics
· Familiarity with CAD tools for mechanical (e.g. Solidworks, Inventor) and/or electrical (e.g. Altium) assemblies
· Experience with lab inventory management, making assembly kits, and procedural documentation.