Imaging Sciences - 3D Applied Scientist II

Job ID: 1350602 | Services LLC


Amazon Imaging Science’s vision is simple: We want to provide the best 3D product visuals in the industry to empower customers to make informed purchasing decisions. Through technology, we seek to constantly increase the quality of 3D content and ease of creation through innovative new approaches including ML and Computer Vision.

We are seeking an Applied Scientist with a background in 3D Computer Vision and photogrammetry reconstruction techniques. Our ideal candidate thrives on solving hard problems at Amazon scale and has prior research experience operating in highly multidisciplinary teams that release products that delight customers.


· Doctorate in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field
· Research background focusing on computer vision and 3D reconstruction
· 5+ years industry experience
· Able to get inspiration from literature reviews to imagine new ideas
· Track record of successfully collaborating with engineering on cutting-edge projects in a corporate environment
· Experience working within a product development team
· Proficiency in Python


· Prior knowledge of Amazon Web Services
· Experience working on content authoring and/or 3D systems
· Research experience in ML and Deep Learning for 3D content