Applied Scientist - Intern

Job ID: 1351355 | Amazon Support Services PtyLtd


Are you excited about understanding the state-of-the-art Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and Computer Vision algorithms and designs using large data sets to solve real world problems?

A research internship at Amazon Adelaide is an opportunity to work with leading machine learning researchers on incomparable datasets using the best tools and hardware in the world. It is an opportunity for PhD students and recent graduates in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and broader Machine Learning to address challenges at a scale that is impossible elsewhere. Along the way, you’ll get opportunities to be a disruptor, prolific innovator, and a reputed problem solver—someone who truly enables machine learning to create significant impact.

As an Applied Scientist Intern, you will be working in a fast-paced, cross-disciplinary team of researchers who are pioneers in the field. You will take on complex problems, and work on solutions that either leverage existing academic and industrial research, or utilize your own out-of-the-box pragmatic thinking. In addition to coming up with novel solutions and prototypes, you may even need to deliver these to production in customer facing products


Basic Qualifications
· Currently enrolled in a PhD program in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, or related field, with specialization in Machine Learning.
· Experience in computer vision, deep learning, NLP, or related fields is preferable.
· Strong programming skills are essential, and a working knowledge of Python is preferable
· Practical machine learning experience


· Research experience in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, or broader Machine Learning.
· Publications in top-tier conferences such as CVPR, ICCV, NeurIPS, ICML, and ACL
During the Coronavirus-19 outbreak arrangements will be made to enable internships to be carried out with minimal travel