Research Scientist - WW Consumer HR

Job ID: 1352487 | Services LLC


Are you passionate about conducting research to drive real behavioral change for front line employees? Would you love to see your research in practice, impacting nearly a million Amazonians globally and improving the employee experience? If so, you should consider joining Organizational Research and Measurement (ORM)! Our goal is to be best and most diverse workforce in the world. ORM uses science, research and technology to optimize employee experience and performance across the full employee lifecycle, from first contact through exit.

We use survey research, market research, machine learning, and causal modeling to understand business dynamics, drive behavioral change, support evidence-based decision-making, and help develop innovative, intelligent products that Attract, Hire, Retain, Grow, and Gracefully Exit all employees in WWConsumer. We are looking for someone with a strong business acumen and who is a multi-disciplinary, experienced researcher/methodologist who can expertly navigate complex, ambiguous business challenges by asking the right questions, knowing what methodologies to use (and why), efficiently analyzing data, and communicating results to multiple audiences (e.g., technical peers, functional teams, business leaders). The ideal candidate will have a strong bias for action, effective communication skills (writing, interpersonal, public), deep expertise across all facets of research fundamentals (research design, measurement, statistics), the drive to deliver high quality results quickly, and the ability to adapt to ever-evolving work environments and business priorities.

Major responsibilities will include:
- Lead research initiatives to effectively measure and strengthen Amazon’s organizational culture as it relates to safety.
- Conduct experimental and quasi-experimental research to measure the impact of various initiatives, and influence of processes and policies on Amazon's safety culture and other safety outcomes.
- Collaborate with a cross-functional team that has expertise in social science, machine learning, econometrics, psychometrics, natural language processing, forecasting, optimization, business intelligence, analytics, and programs.
- Query from multiple data sources, data cleaning and exploration, and advanced statistical analysis.
· Write high-quality, evidence-based documents that help provide insights to business leaders and gain buy-in.
· Serve as a subject matter expert on a wide variety of topics related to research design, measurement, and analysis.


· Master’s degree or higher in a quantitative social science field (e.g., Psychology, Economics, Marketing Science, Sociology, etc.).
· 4+ years conducting end-to-end scientific research in an applied setting (e.g., exploratory data analysis, generating testable hypothesis, developing measurement tools, conducting (causal) inference, demonstrating impact)
· Demonstrable expertise on research design methodologies for experiments, quasi-experiments, and observational studies.
· Experience with qualitative research methodologies such as grounded theory, ethnography, and focus groups
· Proficient with SQL and at least one scripting language (e.g., R, Python).
· Excellent written and verbal communication skills for both technical and non-technical audiences


· Previous experience in a ML or data scientist role with a large technology company
· Familiarity with Time Series Analysis and/or Predictive Modeling techniques
· Prior well-established recognized academic experience, multiple publications in top-tier academic journals
· Familiar with machine learning tools and data infrastructure in Amazon Web Service
· Ability to engage business partners and stakeholders and solve an ambiguous business problems with appropriate choice of data science solutions