MBA Full Time Opportunities 2020 (By Invite Only)

Job ID: 1358481 | ADCI - Karnataka


We are excited to launch the Amazon Future Builders Program (AFBP) – Amazon’s flagship leadership development program for MBA students in India. AFBP is an opportunity for to accelerate their career at Amazon by gaining exposure to the breadth of businesses Amazon has to offer and the depth of business knowledge to build a long-term career at Amazon via our eight-week Incubator.

Following the AFBP Incubator, participants will join business areas that offer a complexity of functional, domain, and business knowledge, setting them up for success for a long-term career at Amazon. AFBP provides an opportunity to navigate through complex, real life, business problems, while enhancing learning via exposure to various verticals within each business area. There are also networking opportunities to meet the senior most leaders of each business through this program. AFBP is an ideal opportunity to gain mentorship, career coaching, and build relationships with peers, managers, and other Amazonians.

The AFBP Incubator: The AFBP Incubator is the first-of-its-kind immersion program that allows all AFBP participants a common starting point to their Amazon career. During the Incubator, each participant will get the unique opportunity to learn about various Amazon businesses, including AWS, Consumer, Devices, Finance, Operations, and Prime Video. AFBP participants will have the opportunity to gain a breadth of understanding of various Amazon business areas and functions. Simultaneously, the Incubator will provide functional trainings to ensure participants are familiar with Amazon acronyms, tools, and systems. Finally, a cultural immersion in Amazon’s peculiar culture, including Writing at Amazon, ways of working, adoption of mechanisms, and communicating at Amazon will provide AFBP participants the opportunity to hit the ground running as soon as they join their business area following the Incubator period.

Business Areas: Each business area allows AFBP participants to undergo crucible learning experiences, gaining depth of knowledge in each domain, and function to gain a deep understanding of the business. The depth of experiences can help accelerate the growth of AFBP participants to take on broader leadership roles within Amazon. Each business area offers rotations across functions and businesses to enhance the learning experience as well as provide a holistic understanding of the businesses.

At the end of the AFBP program, participants will not only integrate with Amazon’s peculiar ways but also acquire a diverse set of experiences that can help them emerge as future leaders to take on key leadership roles and build a long term career at Amazon.

AFBP Job Functions:

1. Business Development Manager: Partner with business leaders to grow the business by creating new partnerships, leveraging existing relationships and/or licensing assets to drive product improvements and innovation, enable distribution of our applications, products and/or services, and reduce costs without sacrificing the customer experience.

2. Category Manager: Identify customer trends, buying behaviors, growth opportunities, and unique selections to develop long-term strategies that improve profitability and growth across category; identify marketplace growth opportunities, risks, and benefits to increase customer acquisition and brand-building for sub-categories.

3. Client Relationship Manager (AWS): Develop and execute against an account coverage plan and consistently deliver on revenue targets. The selected candidate will possess both a sales and deep technical background that enables them to drive engagement at the CXO level as well as with software developers, IT architects, and other customer executives.

4. Financial Analyst: Develop financial and product forecasts, variances, and risk analyses to inform key business decisions; create financial goals to define and quantify objectives for business inputs; define, generate, and report key metrics to monitor the financial status of a business within Amazon; conduct ad hoc financial analyses and interpret P&L data to help monitor and drive profitability; work with other groups to develop subcategory annual plans.

5. Instock Manager: Develop and execute inventory management strategies (including forecasting, capacity planning, and supply chain optimization), determine how to allocate resources for variable cost reduction and profit margin improvement to drive overall profitability for the business unit.

6. Marketing Manager: Develop and execute strategies for growing the size and lifetime value of the business unit’s customer base, through both acquisition and customer relationship management (CRM) strategies for targeting and communicating with customers. 7. Operations Manager: Balance day-to-day shift management operations with strategic forward-thinking decision making; optimize labor and capacity resources to ensure efficient and effective workflow across Amazon warehouses; ensure effective communication occurs at shift handoffs; remove barriers and construct work continuity plans; manage backlog to ensure a balanced and appropriate workload; plan for and prepare required resources in the short and long-term by constructing peak plans and setting goals to achieve and exceed daily volume metrics, peak productivity, safety, and quality expectations; Create a culture of safety, monitor equipment and conditions, and respond to incidents. Operations roles include field and corporate roles.

8. Product Manager: Support the definition and launch of new retail products, services, or features in partnership with technical teams. Evaluate the existing experience(s) for customers on and off Amazon, identify areas for improvement, develop business requirements, craft and implement marketing plans, and own measures of success.

9. Program Manager: Identify solutions to complex problems and innovate on leading edge solutions to manage programs broadly across businesses within Amazon. Given responsibility to own those business challenges and the autonomy to think strategically and make data driven decisions. Drive efforts independently and as part of larger project teams, and have a significant impact on the customer experience and the business.

Participating Business Role Opportunities  AWS (Client Relationship Manager, Program Manager): The AWS AFBP program is a comprehensive journey for MBA students who are aspiring for a career in Business Development and Customer facing roles and are passionate to help customers in their cloud journey. Rightly called the AWS Sales Academy, participants of the program undergo various on the job experiences, trainings and enablement to help them grow as full-fledged customer facing professionals at the end of the 24 month journey. If you are passionate about cloud technology and have a penchant for growing your career in Sales, the AWS AFBP program is the place to be.  Amazon Finance (Financial Analyst): Amazon Finance provides a blended exposure to technology, finance and business skills. This is the only program that offers (3*3) three one-year rotations across three different finance verticals. Over the different rotations, participants' get hands on experience and go through a journey of building a broader skill set across Consumer Finance, Operations Finance, Finance Operations, and Accounting. This program equips candidates with the knowledge and training that can help them emerge as future finance leaders in the fastgrowing tech industry.  Customer Service Operations (Program Manager, Inventory Planner, Operations): The AFBP Customer Service (CS) program aims to provide a holistic, end-to-end perspective of the CS organization in India with stints across Capacity Planning, Customer Experience and Operations. Candidates will undergo a varied experience ranging from program management, forecasting and modeling projections, managing large teams and being at the forefront of our customer’s voice in the world’s most Customer Obsessed Organization.  India Consumer Business (Program, Product, Category, Marketing, Business Development, and Inventory Planner): Amazon has been successfully building a large and growing marketplace in India focused on meeting Indian consumers’ needs. We are looking for an entrepreneurial builder to shape the future of our growing marketplace while building a world-class discovery and purchase experience for customers, by defining and executing long-term strategic initiatives.  India Corporate Teams (Program, Product, Operations): India corporate teams is one of the largest organizations in Amazon India, consists of the Global Amazon Consumer organization (providing technological and operations support. These support teams include Selection Monitoring, Product Compliance, Fraud Prevention, Search engine, Catalogue design), World Wide Ops teams (providing the technological support for Amazon logistics and transport teams that ensure hallmark offerings like 1 Day delivery, Same day delivery etc.) There are also the Product teams such as Devices (Alexa, Kindle and Firestick to name a few), Advertising and Entertainment (Prime Video and Music being one of them!) Rightly called the AFBP India Corporate Chapter, the participants in the program will undergo 2 rotations of approximately 15 months each, with each rotation being with a different team. The participants will be provided an opportunity to work on functional/business critical projects in addition to hands-on-roles that can help them grow professionally into “Leaders of tomorrow” and build a long-term career with Amazon.  India Operations (Program, Operations): The Operations AFBP is divided into 2 rotations of 15 months each to ensure participants get an opportunity to experience at least two Pan-India operational peaks in the first rotation. The second peak in the first rotation will test the participant and will provide a platform to perform and showcase their learning via high impact projects while working with a cross functional team.


· Class of 2021 from a full-time MBA program
· No pre MBA work experience required.
· Successful completion and graduation with a MBA degree prior to start date at Amazon


· Demonstration of interest in working in the fast paced technology industry
· Proof that you are capable of both strategic thinking along with detailed execution
· Consistent track record of taking full ownership and delivering results
· Comfortable with “hands-on” management of tasks, and proven ability to manage multiple, contending priorities simultaneously
· Strong communication skills, managing multiple stakeholders and partner teams