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The Economic Technology team (ET) is looking for an Economist to join our team in building Reinforcement Learning solutions at scale. The ET applies Econometrics/Economics, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Causal Inference, to derive actionable insights about the complex economy of Amazon’s retail business. We also develop Statistical Models and Algorithms to drive strategic business decisions and improve operations. We are an interdisciplinary team of Economists, Engineers, and Scientists incubating and building day one solutions using cutting-edge technology, to solve some of the toughest business problems at Amazon.

You will work with business leaders, economists, scientists and engineers to translate business and functional requirements into concrete deliverables, including the design, development, testing, and deployment of highly scalable distributed services. You will partner with scientists, economists, and engineers to help invent and implement scalable ML, RL, and econometric models while building tools to help our customers gain and apply insights. This is a unique, high visibility opportunity for someone who wants to have business impact, dive deep into large-scale economic problems, enable measurable actions on the Consumer economy, and work closely with scientists and economists. We are particularly interested in candidates with experience building predictive models and working with distributed systems.

As an Economist, you bring business and industry context to science and technology decisions. You will build econometric models, using our world class data systems, and apply economic theory to solve business problems in a fast moving environment. You will be expected to develop new techniques to process large data sets, address quantitative problems, and contribute to design of automated systems. You set the standard for scientific excellence and make decisions that affect the way we build and integrate algorithms. Your solutions are exemplary in terms of algorithm design, clarity, model structure, efficiency, and extensibility. You tackle intrinsically hard problems, acquiring expertise as needed. You decompose complex problems into straightforward solutions.


· PhD in Economics, Statistics, Machine Learning, Operations Research, Finance, or closely related field.
· 3+ years of combined academic and research experience
· Experience applying economics combined with machine learning or data science techniques
· Must have a proven record of bringing high impact statistical models to production at scale
· Excellent communication, writing and presentation skills
· Ability to deliver under tight deadlines.


· Ability to develop in Python and Scala
· Applicants with considerably more experience, including mid-career, are also strongly encouraged.
· Strong background in statistics methodology, applications to business problems, and/or big data.
· Ability to work in a fast-paced business environment.
· Strong research track record.
· Effective verbal and written communications skills.