Software Development Engineer

Job ID: 1437254 | ADCI HYD 13 SEZ


Shipping and Delivery Support technology team is building the next generation customer and user experience for one of the fast-growing Amazon business, Amazon Logistics (AMZL). AMZL is rapidly growing, has multiple customer segments (drivers, recipients, shippers, property managers and storage owners) and is extremely dynamic business. Our systems should be flexible, adaptable to respond to the business needs, deliver a consistent experience for multiple customer segments, simplify the process and help in rapidly resolving the customer issues.

As an engineer, you will design and develop high performing scalable systems which integrates multiple heterogeneous Amazon services/systems. You will collaborate with multiple teams across Customer Service(CS) Tech and Last Mile(LM) Tech organizations and influence the technical decisions. You will build solutions which are extensible to meet future needs at the same time complying to overarching systems. You will be defining the architecture for our systems for our long-term direction.

Do you get excited solving customer problems? Do you get excited to work on short term approach while thinking for a long-term solution?
We are looking for a strong engineer, who is proactive, obsessed to solve the customer problems, able to drive consensus across multiple teams spanned across different organizations, continuously improve the systems and a go getter


· A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline.
· Strong problem solving and programming knowledge.
· Strong knowledge in computer science fundamentals (data structures, sorting/searching algorithms)
· Candidate must have good written and oral communication skills, be a fast learner and have the ability to adapt quickly to a fast-paced development environment


· Experience with Java, Kotlin and ReactJS
· Experience in working with AWS Technologies.
· Experience in designing and developing service oriented systems.
· Good team player with Agility and adaptiveness.