Machine Learning Scientist

Job ID: 1508287 | Amazon Dev Centre Canada ULC


Are you interested to disrupt and redefine the way customers buy Beauty products online? Are you interested in using the latest advances in machine learning, computer vision, and augmented reality to build online customer experiences for Beauty products that can equal or even surpass an in-store experience?

We are looking for talented and innovation-driven scientists who are passionate about building improved customer experiences by leveraging data-science and machine-learning technologies. You will have an opportunity to revolutionize the customer shopping experience across the world's most extensive catalog of beauty products. You will be directly responsible for leveraging machine-learning/computer-vision algorithms and data-science techniques to drive innovation. You will collaborate with product managers, software engineers, UX designers, scientists, and the broader Amazon tech community to build solutions that enhance the beauty shopping experience across all surfaces, including desktop, mobile devices, and other Amazon devices.

About the team

The Amazon Beauty Tech is a brand-new team that is rapidly expanding. We are a small group of engineers, scientists, product managers, and designers who drive technological innovation to improve customer experience. We have a startup-like work culture where innovation is encouraged; we are never afraid to propose grand ideas for fear of failing!

We build:
· Computer vision and augmented reality (AR) experiences: We bring exciting experiences directly to the customer's mobile phone using their cameras and combinations of facial recognition and AR.
· Personalization using machine learning: We will be working with machine learning (ML) technologies such as data classification and reinforced learning models to provide better-personalized shopping experiences.
· Elevated customer experiences: We will create beautiful and dynamic customer experiences that require deep knowledge of relevant UI technologies and user-centric design patterns.
· Amazon scale systems: All our technology needs to work at Amazon scale, serving millions of customers with millisecond-level latency.
· Data pipeline and analytics tools: Amazon is data-driven, and a robust data backbone is necessary for our systems. We build on robust and scalable data pipelines and tools using core AWS services.


· Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Data Science, or any other quantitative field.
· 2+ years of non-internship professional experience with machine learning, statistical modeling, data mining, and/or analytics techniques.
· 3+ years of experience with Python, R, or other scripting languages.
· Advanced ability to draw insights from data and clearly communicate them (verbal/written) to the stakeholders and senior management.


· Master’s degree or PhD in a highly quantitative field (Machine Learning, Statistics, Data Science, Math, etc.).
· Experience applying various machine learning techniques, and understanding the key parameters that affect their performance.
· Familiarity with deep learning algorithms and/or computer vision.
· Familiarity with at least 1-2 popular AI/ML frameworks and tools - TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNet, scikit-learn, OpenCV, ARCore, and ARKit.
· Expertise in estimation, experimental design, hypothesis, and A/B testing.
· Experience partnering with engineering teams to build and test production systems.
· Familiarity with AWS services such as EC2, DynamoDB, RDS, AWS Lambda, and Amazon SageMaker.
· Ability to achieve stretch goals in a highly innovative and startup-like environment.