Research Scientist

Job ID: 1534749 | AWS EMEA SARL (Switzerland)


Excited by the disruptive potential of quantum technology, high performance computing and machine learning? Want to help global enterprises understand the challenges and opportunities of quantum computing (QC), high performance computing (HPC) and machine learning (ML)? Eager to get first-hand access to cutting-edge quantum hardware to explore and solve customer problems? Thrilled to be key part of Amazon, who has been investing in disruptive innovation for decades, pioneering and shaping the world’s technology? At Amazon Web Services (AWS), we are helping large enterprises on their intelligent and advanced compute journey on the AWS Cloud. We are using the state-of-the-art QC algorithms on cutting-edge quantum hardware, HPC, and machine learning against a wide spectrum of industry problems. Our Professional Services organization works together with our customers to explore the potentials of QC and become 'quantum ready'. Our team collaborates across the entire AWS organization to bring access to product and service teams, to get the right solution delivered and drive feature innovation based upon customer needs.
AWS Professional Services is a unique consulting team. We pride ourselves on being customer obsessed and highly focused on the enablement of our customers. If you have academic and/or industry experience with QC + HPC + ML, we’d like to have you join our team. You will get to work with an innovative company, with great teammates, and have a lot of fun helping our customers.
The senior researcher will work in conjunction with the sales team, solutions architects and professional service counterparts. He/She will develop solutions for a wide variety of industries together with a team of experts.
Major responsibilities include:
· Engage with commercial enterprise customers to understand their business derivers and application portfolio.
· Educate, envision and inspire customers on potential of QC, HPC and ML to help their business.
· Understand the customer’s business need in different industries and guide them to a solution using our AWS QC Services.
· Develop QC+HPC+ML approaches to industry problems in optimization, quantum simulation and quantum machine learning and execute customer projects and cases studies end-to-end.
· Research, develop and implement new quantum and nature-inspired solutions.
· Collaborate with the AWS service and research teams.
Publish in scientific journals, create white papers, write blogs, and build demos that help customers adopt advanced compute technologies.
As this is a customer facing role, you will be required to travel to client locations and deliver professional services when needed (post pandemic). If you do not live in a market where we have an open position, please feel free to apply.


· PhD in a quantum computation related field (Quantum Physics, Quantum Chemistry, Computer Science)
· Professional experience using Python
· Professional-level experience in C++ and parallel programming (OpenMP and MPI).
· Experience using popular quantum, hpc and ml libraries
· Research experience in quantum computation.
· Experience in deploying solutions in the cloud via API calls.
· 6+ years of experience in conducting research-oriented projects.
· Publications or presentation track record in recognized academic journals/conferences in a relevant field.


· PhD in a quantum computation or a related field.
· Academic and industry experience in quantum chemistry, optimization, or machine learning.
· 2+ years experience in applying quantum technologies to industrial applications.
· Able to write production level code, which is well-written, documented and explainable.
· Experience with AWS technologies like EC2, S3, CodeCommit, & Cloudwatch.
· Familiarity with using data visualization tools.
· Combination of deep technical skills and business savvy enough to interface with all levels and disciplines within our customers' organizations.