Applied Scientist

Job ID: 1558447 | Amazon (China) Holding Company


Amazon Search JP builds features powering product search on the Amazon JP shopping site and expands the innovations to world wide. As an Applied Scientist on this growing team, you will take on a key role in improving the NLP and ranking capabilities of the Amazon product search service. Our ultimate goal is to help customers find the products they are searching for, and discover new products they would be interested in. We do so by developing NLP components that cover a wide range of languages and systems.

As an Applied Scientist for Search JP, you will design, implement and deliver search features on Amazon site, helping millions of customers every day to find quickly what they are looking for. You will propose innovation in NLP and IR to build ML models trained on terabytes of product and traffic data, which are evaluated using both offline metrics as well as online metrics from A/B testing. You will then integrate these models into the production search engine that serves customers, closing the loop through data, modeling, application, and customer feedback. The chosen approaches for model architecture will balance business-defined performance metrics with the needs of millisecond response times.

Your responsibilities include:
· Designing and implementing new features and machine learned models, including the application of state-of-art deep learning to solve search matching, ranking and Search suggestion problems.
· Analyzing data and metrics relevant to the search experiences.
· Working with teams worldwide on global projects.

Your benefits include:
· Working on a high-impact, high-visibility product, with your work improving the experience of millions of customers
· The opportunity to use (and innovate) state-of-the-art ML methods to solve real-world problems with tangible customer impact
· Being part of a growing team where you can influence the team's mission, direction, and how we achieve our goals
Amazon Search JP负责在Amazon JP购物网站上开发产品搜索功能,并将这些创新扩展到全球。作为这个快速发展中的团队的应用科学家,您将在改善NLP和Amazon产品搜索的体验方面发挥关键作用。我们的最终目标是帮助客户找到他们想要的产品,并发现他们感兴趣的新产品。我们通过开发涵盖多种语言和系统的NLP组件来达成目标。

作为Search JP的应用科学家,您将在Amazon网站上设计和实现搜索功能,帮助数百万客户快速找到他们想要的内容。您将基于TB级的产品和流量数据提出NLP和IR领域的创新,构建机器学习模型,并使用离线指标以及A / B测试在线指标进行效果评估,然后将模型集成到面向客户的生产搜索引擎中,从而通过数据,建模,应用,和模型选择完成上线。您的模型同时需要平衡业务指标和毫秒级响应时间的要求。




· Master's degree in a quantitative field (computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, or similar)
· 3+ years of post-Master's hands-on experience (academic or industrial) building ML models
· Sound theoretical understanding of broad machine learning concepts, with deep and demonstrable expertise in at least one topic or application of machine learning
· Strong coding and problem-solving skills in at least one programming language such as Python, Java, C++, etc.
· Fluency in written and spoken English (Japanese is not required)

· 基本要求
至少能熟练地使用一种编程语言(例如Python,Java,C ++等)编码和解决问题。


· PhD degree (or significant progress towards completing it) in a quantitative field
· At least one publication, as first author, in a leading conference or journal related to machine learning, natural language processing, or information retrieval
· Prior work experience as an applied scientist or a data scientist at a consumer product company
· Prior work experience on a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers
· Experience using an object-oriented language (Java, C++, or equivalent) to write production-ready code
· Experience using deep learning libraries such as TensorFlow or PyTorch, particularly to solve NLP tasks
· Experience with search engines, particularly indexing, ranking, and query understanding

具有使用面向对象的语言(Java,C ++或同等语言)编写可用于生产环境的代码的经验