Senior Data Scientist

Job ID: 1562650 | Services LLC


As part of Alexa Shopping, Product Advisor's vision is to make Alexa the world's most knowledgeable product expert, while at the same time making sure Alexa knows you, the customer.

Working with voice-based experiences forces teams to leverage the state of the art for determining customer intent and satisfaction. Because most customer interactions lack a screen, there is little surface area that can be leveraged to collect explicit signals from customers about their intentions. And with voice being a less deterministic communication modality than point-and-click, the signals we do collect can themselves be a challenge to derive meaning from.

Product Advisor is looking for an experienced Senior Data Scientist to join a team solving complex natural language processing problems and helping develop insights about customer intent and satisfaction. This work will include segmentation analysis and persona building using big data, ML, and potentially AI. This is a blue-sky role that gives you a chance to roll up your sleeves and dive into big data sets in order to build simulations and experimentation systems at scale, build optimization algorithms and leverage cutting-edge technologies across Amazon. This is an opportunity to think big about how to solve a challenging problem for customers and understand their requirements for products. You will work closely with product and technical leaders throughout Alexa Shopping and will be responsible for influencing technical decisions in areas of development/modeling that you identify as critical future product offerings.

The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in Science work, business analytics, and have the aptitude to incorporate new approaches and methodologies while dealing with ambiguities in sourcing processes. Excellent business and communication skills are a must to develop and define key business questions and to build data sets that answer those questions. You should have a demonstrated ability to think strategically and analytically about business, product, and technical challenges. Further, you must have the ability to build and communicate compelling value propositions, and work across the organization to achieve consensus. This role requires a strong passion for customers, a high level of comfort navigating ambiguity, and a keen sense of ownership and drive to deliver results.


· 5+ years of experience with data scripting languages (e.g SQL, Python, R etc.) or statistical/mathematical software (e.g. R, SAS, or Matlab)
· 4+ years working as a Data Scientist
· Bachelor or Master's degree in highly quantitative field (CS, machine learning, mathematics, statistics) or equivalent experience.
· Experience applying various machine learning techniques, and understanding the key parameters that affect their performance.
· Experience developing experimental and analytic plans for data modeling processes, use of strong baselines, and the ability to accurately determine cause and effect relationships.
· Have a history of building systems that capture and utilize large data sets in order to quantify performance via metrics or KPIs.
· Understanding of relevant statistical measures such as confidence intervals, significance of error measurements, development and evaluation data sets, etc.* Experienced in using multiple data science methodologies to solve complex business problems.
· Experienced in handling large data sets using SQL and databases in a business environment.
· Excellent verbal and written communication.
· Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills.
· Thrive in a fast-paced, innovative environment.


· A Master's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering
· Experience designing, building, launching, and operating internet-scale services for consumers
· Experience with machine learning, language understanding, and information retrieval systems