Sr. Enablement Program Manager

Job ID: 1579324 | Amazon Connect Technology Serv


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s leading and most innovative Cloud Services Provider, used today by millions of businesses and developers around the world, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Cloud computing is arguably one of the most impactful developments in technology within the last 20 years. The Greater China Region’s (GCR) Enablement &Learning is one of the world’s most dynamic and competitive, representing an incredible breadth of challenges accompanied by an equal number of opportunities to Learn and Be Curious, Think Big, and Deliver Results on a scale .

Due to the explosion of knowledge, how to drive Talents, the most critical part of a company, to be more valuable with richer knowledge and deeper insights will become a challenge for all.
How to drive content generation, regeneration, broadcasting and sharing in scale?
How can companies provide role-based and scenario-based knowledge ?In the mean while, audiences is tending to be knowledge generator.
How can companies build a complete systematic learning mechanism while effectively managing fragmented knowledge in large scale?

Within AWS, Enablement & Learning team will help the entire organization actively transform and embrace this profound change through
- Create new content to improve the efficiency of wide learning for AWS teams
- Create new ways to accelerate exchanging and sharing of knowledge within AWS
- Create new experience for AWS employees to learn at much higher efficiency
We’re looking for a highly-motivated and experienced Sr. Program Manager.
Responsible for
• Manage enabling programs, land global programs or initiate local programs
• Analyze enabling programs and define evaluation metrics
• Work across teams to understand business needs or pain points, define strategies to optimize programs
• Assist enabling coaches and enablement content team to define new content and delivery channel


-Great passion to innovate through experimentation, establish the right model to deliver end-to-end real-time enablement programs to enable others and ignite change
-5 ~ 8 years’ management experience in internal knowledge program or HR program
-Requires strong program execution and management capabilities
-Requires deep insights, data collection and analysis capabilities, and with strategy
-Requires verifiable interpersonal and organizing skills, including but not limited to coordination, communication, cross-team collaboration etc.
-Requires a bachelor degree or above in business, language, psychology, sociology, management, human resources, etc.
-Fluent written and spoken English to support daily work with global teams


-Experience or background in emerging industries (IT, Digital Native etc) is preferred
-Experience in Knowledge program or course delivery is preferred
-Experience in content production or content generation management is preferred, including but not limited to text, audio, video, courses, etc.