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Applied Science Manager

Job ID: 1748945 | Services LLC


The Query Understanding team in Amazon Search connects customer queries with billions of products through a common knowledge graph. Understanding shopping mission is the key to building an intelligent shopping assistant on Amazon. We are working on many challenging science problems in NLP, Graph Mining, Common-Sense Knowledge Extraction, and Unsupervised Learning. We are solving engineering challenges such as automatic ML training and running large BERT models within milliseconds.

We are looking for a senior science manager to lead our mission to lift Amazon's search engine from a text based information retrieval engine to a knowledge based shopping assistant. In this role, you will manage teams of passionate, talented, and inventive scientists, to develop industry-leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Data Mining algorithms, and drive them successfully to production for the benefit of amazon customers. You will identify research directions, create roadmaps for forward-looking research and communicate them to senior leadership, and work closely with engineering teams to bring research to production. You will work with teams of talented scientists, and fill the ranks by attracting the best scientists in NLP, and Data Mining, by representing Amazon Search at international science conferences. You will work with talented peers and leverage Amazon’s heterogeneous data sources and large-scale computing resources.


· Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or Mathematics with specialization in specialization in natural language processing, data mining or machine learning.
· 8+ years of working experience on NLP, Search, or machine learning problems and systems in industry and/or academia
· 3+ years of managing experience of scientists
· Knowledge of programming languages such as C/C++, Python, Java or Perl


· PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, or Mathematics with specialization in natural language processing, or machine learning.
· 5+ years experience and proven track record in leading teams for developing natural language processing
· Solid Machine Learning background and familiar with state-of-the art in NLP and Data Mining.
· Scientific thinking and the ability to invent, a track record of thought leadership and contributions that have advanced the field
· Solid software development experience
· Excellent written and spoken communication skills.