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Sr. Research Engineer - Alexa Shopping, Alexa Shopping Research

Job ID: 1827547 | Amazon Dev Center (Tel Aviv)


Job summary
You: Alexa, I am looking for a role in which I could learn, research, and innovate in AI and, most of all, impact the life of millions of customers worldwide. What do you suggest?
Alexa: The Alexa Shopping team is looking for research engineers to help me become the best personal shopping assistant. Do you want to hear more?
You: Yes, please!
Alexa: As a research engineer, you will work with top researchers and engineers, both locally and abroad, to explore and develop new AI technologies helping me in my journey to become the ultimate shopping assistant for millions of customers around the world. You should have strong computer science foundations, excellent development skills, and some experience with research methodology. You also preferably have some applied or research expertise in at least one of the following fields: Web search and mining, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Speech Processing, or Artificial Intelligence.


· MSc in Computer Science, or related field
· 3+ years of industrial experience
· Strong computer science foundations (data structures and algorithms)
· Excellent coding and design skills, expert in C++/C#, Java, or Python
· Basic research methodology skills
· Good writing and verbal English skills
· Strong communication and collaboration skills


· One or several publications at peer-reviewed research conferences
· Solid knowledge of AI technologies (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural-Language Processing, Computer Vision, etc.), big data and cloud technologies (e.g., Spark, AWS, etc.)
· Industrial experience in building and launching AI-related features, products or systems