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Compliance Enforcement Specialist, Compliance Enforcement

Job ID: 2430173 | Afaq Q Tech General Trading


As part of the Network health team and within a compliance enforcement manadate, the candidate will support in making sure DSPs have ample opportunities to course correct before moving to more drastic measures as per the noncompliance enforcement policy; The candidate will support in issuing and tracking Breaches of Contract (BOC), and execute Exits from the program, acting from the moment a Delivery Service Partner (DSP) commits a violation and fails to address it within agreed upon time; Candidate will also support in developing standard operating procedures to manage non compliance cases in collaboration with relevant stakeholders to hold DSPs accountable for noncompliance; Also, the candidate will work hand-in-hand with TRC, DSP program managers and other AMZL teams as an independent party to ensure enforcement is fair and consistent;

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Riyadh, SAU


Analytical skills, business acumen, communication, focus, multitasking


Writing skills, influence skills, ability to structure an argument to make it brief and complete