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Visual Designer, Amazon Ads

Job ID: 2545718 | Amazon Japan G.K.


- 2+ years of design experience
- Have an available online portfolio
- Experience working with a variety of design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
- Experience defining and maintaining design patterns and UX standards
- Experience working across teams and synthesizing feedback from multiple teams/owners
- Experience working in a collaborative team and working directly with developers for implementation of designs
- (1) Fluent in Japanese language (native/business level - reading/writing/listening/speaking in the office). (2) No hesitation for working in English in some situations with support of team members. Basic level English (reading/writing email and understanding guidelines and training materials, listening self-learning training videos)




Amazon Ads is seeking a talented and passionate visual designer to create innovative, visually stunning and effective advertising experiences that drive business performance for global brands spanning Amazon’s web properties and mobile platforms in Japan.

Designers in this position are accountable for team goals and initiative metrics, and you understand how they impact and contribute to business outcomes.

Key job responsibilitiesのスタイルガイドライン規定に従い、ユーザーや広告主の視点に立ち、チームメンバーと協力しながら、広告効果を最大化するための洗練された ランディングページやバナーを制作及びディレクションして頂きます。また、海外のデザインチームとともに、ワークフローや制作プロセスの整備も担当して頂きます。

Your primary focus will be, with Amazon's style guides and policies, to design customer-centric, visually compelling advertising creative (banners and landing pages) that maximize the performance of the creatives for the world’s leading advertisers. You will work closely with global design teams, create and maintain production processes and workflows.

A day in the life
ランディングページ制作:ランディングページは社内ツールでビルドを行います。デザインディレクションと制作を行います。直接HTML/CSS, JSコードを記述することなく制作は可能ですが、ツールやQA中に発見されたバグの修正等において、ウェブ言語の理解が役立ちます。


Landing Page Production: Making design direction, drawing wireframe, and designing/building campaign landing pages. Though coding HTML/CSS or Javascript is not necessary for building landing pages as we use in-house CMS tool, understandings about web languages are helpful to communicate with development team when the pages need fix for bugs during QA and the tool itself.

Banner Production: Designing static banners and ones with Amazon’s unique e-commerce functions. Those banners are shown in websites, applications and user-interface of Amazon's devices. The designer in this position is expected to pursue higher quality and creativity.

About the team
私たちは、日本を含むAPAC向けの広告キャンペーンへのクリエイティブ制作をしているチームです。(Amazon DSPデスクトップおよびモバイルウェブディスプレイ静止画広告、Amazonのeコマースディスプレイ広告クリエイティブ、Fire TV ホーム画面上の特集バナー、広告キャンペーンのランディングページなど)

We are unblocking business in APAC including Japan through the creative (including but not limited to DSP static desktop/mobile web display ads, Amazon eCommerce display creatives, Fire TV banner on the home screen, and campaign landing pages for advertising campaigns... )

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Tokyo, 13, JPN


- Knowledge of user-centered design methodologies, usability principles, web-based information architecture and design
- (1) Design and art direction experiences in print media, including package design, or (2) UI/UX/web design experiences including drawing wireframe in Figma and/or Sketch, and the front end development experiences in React.js, HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Please check the website below for measures to eliminate unwanted second-hand smoking in each facility:

The salary information can be provided individually prior to the 1st interview