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Ops Admin

Job ID: 2633024 | ASSPL - Delhi - C76


The operations administrative role provides support to the management team in a variety of administrative tasks.

Key job responsibilities
•Clear flags in systems and assess attendance point for associates for unexcused absences.
•Collect/organize time off request forms for Amazonians from managers and associates. Get approvals from managers for vacation requests as required.
•Ensure proper coding of “time paid not work” and “time not paid, not worked” such as Vacation (vacp)/Paid Personal Time (pers)/Voluntary •Time-off (vto)/Lack of Work (low) for Amazon associates.
•Make points corrections for staffing agency as directed by Amazon Human Resources (HR)
•Make points corrections for Amazon associates as directed by site leaders or Human Resources
•Identify, track and reconcile missing: in, out and lunch punches
•With manager approval, clear discrepancies associated with Time Off Task flags
•Enter punches for orientation time for staffing agency new hires.
•Input corrective action documentation into Amazon GAPS system
•Research associates counseling history as needed to confirm correct level for next counseling, dates of prior counselings, etc. or provide •summary of performance history for manager to use in making a recommendation for termination.
•Submit counselings for both Amazonians and staffing agency associates (including tracking approval and printing for managers to deliver for Amazonians)
•Print Amazon attendance counselings sent out by HR and organize with other counselings so managers have one complete set of what they need to deliver
•Print/post rates throughout shift for all associates on set schedule
•Answer questions for Amazon associates on points/vacp/pers balances as required. Help escalate discrepancies to HR and resolve.
•Additional Responsibilities may also include: •Assisting with safety and dock audits and/or type and publish them for managers
•Assisting managers run/track production reports, update operations reports as needed, work on projects for creating reports, etc.

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

New Delhi, DL, IND


- Experience in human resources
- Bachelor's degree is minimum


- Knowledge of Microsoft Office including Outlook, Word, and Excel