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Sr Data Scientist

Job ID: 2676939 | ATSPL - Telangana


Amazon strives to be Earth's most customer-centric company where people can find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online. By giving customers more of what they want - low prices, vast selection, and convenience - Amazon continues to grow and evolve as a world-class e-commerce platform. The AOP team is an integral part of this and strives to provide Analytical Capabilities to fulfil all customer processes in the IN-ECCF regions.

We’re seeking a Data Scientist with expertise in a breadth of ML techniques. Your responsibilities will include developing, prototyping and productionizing innovative models using a range of techniques (Supervised/Unsupervised/Reinforcement). We are also looking for innovators capable of using generative AI to design, evangelize, and implement state-of-the-art solutions for never-before-solved problems.

Key job responsibilities
- Demonstrate thorough technical knowledge on feature engineering of massive datasets, effective exploratory data analysis, and model building using industry standard AI/ML models and working with Large Language Models
- Proficiency in both Supervised(Linear/Logistic Regression) and UnSupervised algorithms(k means clustering)
- Understand the business reality behind large sets of data and develop meaningful solutions comprising of analytics as well as marketing management.
- Work closely with internal stakeholders like the business teams, engineering teams and partner teams and align them with respect to your focus area
- Innovate by adapting new modeling techniques and procedures
- Passionate about working with huge data sets ( training/fine tuning) and be someone who loves to bring datasets together to answer business questions. You should have deep expertise in creation and management of datasets
- Exposure at implementing and operating stable, scalable data flow solutions from production systems into end-user facing applications/reports. These solutions will be fault tolerant, self-healing and adaptive.
- Work with distributed machine learning and statistical algorithms to harness enormous volumes of data at scale to serve our customers


- 6+ years of data scientist or similar role involving data extraction, analysis, statistical modeling and communication experience
- Bachelor's degree in a quantitative field such as statistics, mathematics, data science, business analytics, economics, finance, engineering, or computer science
- Experience with statistical models e.g. multinomial logistic regression
- Experience with data scripting languages (e.g. SQL, Python, R etc.) or statistical/mathematical software (e.g. R, SAS, or Matlab)
- Proven knowledge of deep learning and experience hosting and deploying ML solutions (e.g., for training, tuning, and inferences)


- Knowledge of AWS tech stack (e.g., AWS Redshift, S3, EC2, Glue)
- Master's degree in a quantitative field such as statistics, mathematics, data science, business analytics, economics, finance, engineering, or computer science
- Working knowledge of generative AI and hands on experience in deploying and hosting Large Foundational Models