Head of Security Assurance, Japan

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Head of Security Assurance, Public Sector, Japan
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is looking for a security assurance leader for public sector vertical in Japan. Do you have an extensive background in security and compliance with a passion for solving complex IT regulatory challenges with the cloud?

AWS offers a cloud platform with a global reach and is looking for a passionate and experienced professional to lead the building and expansion of security risk and compliance programs in the public sector vertical in Japan. The right individual will provide thought leadership while operating with a high degree of autonomy and visibility, building programs that will enable our public sector partners and customers in Japan to move their workloads and regulated data into the cloud by addressing their specific security, regulatory, and compliance requirements.
The ideal candidate should be a technically experienced and innovative security/compliance professional who has the ability to handle a wide range of security assurance requirements, is willing to dive in to the details, can translate those requirements into applications for cloud computing and is able to communicate at executive levels.

This key position requires specialized experience supporting local assessments and authorization efforts and will have high visibility at the most senior levels, including frequent interaction with CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs, and AWS senior leadership. The position, as part of the AWS Security Assurance team will act as the primary interface to Security Assurance for Japan public sector, and will work closely with the local AWS Sales, Solutions Architect and Business Development teams in the public sector vertical in Japan. The candidate will already have and continue to foster key relationships, be able to interpret the impacts of policy changes, and track and report on industry trends.

The position will be based out of any of the following locations: Tokyo, Japan

- Participate in local assessment and authorization relevant discussions. This includes synthesizing control requirements, and recommending and pursuing alternative approaches to developing compliance roadmaps.
- Work to resolve Security Assurance concerns and to understand how to achieve compliance while operating IT in the AWS cloud through deep dive discussions, strategic presentations/recommendations, and hands on demonstrations of compliance in the AWS environment
- Develop public sector focused industry leading compliance related, customer-facing resources based on projected customer needs and current demand
- Assist the AWS Security Assurance team in determining the strategic direction of the various AWS compliance programs based on customer interaction and demonstrative metrics.
- Be and remain connected with industry trends and events in the country.
- Develop and maintain personal relationships with key government industry personnel and policy makers.
- Assist work of internal and external auditors or advisors as needed.
- Keep the AWS Security Assurance leadership team fully informed of all engagement status, issues, and activities.




この重要なポジションでは国内の官庁関連のサポートという特殊な経験が求められ、CISO、 CIO、 CTO、 COOをはじめとするAWSのマネジメント層との交流頻度も高く、かなり高度なレベルでの可視性を必要とします。AWSセキュリティ・アシュアランスチームの一員として日本の公共部門との窓口となり、同部門を担当する国内のAWSセールス、ソリューション・アーキテクトやビジネス・ディベロップメントの各チームとも密に関わることになります。主要な関係性を持ち、さらに育てていく、政策変更の影響を解釈し、業界の傾向をつかみレポートできるようになる人物が求められます。

勤務地: 日本、東京


- 国内官庁関連のミーティングへの参加。管理要件の摺り合わせ、コンプライアンスロードマップ作製アプローチの推奨、代替案提案を含む。
- 詳細に至る話し合い、戦略的プレゼンテーション/推奨、AWS環境でのコンプライアンス実施デモを通しセキュリティ・アシュアランスの懸念事項の解決とAWSクラウド内でITオペレーションを行う際のコンプライアンスの実現の仕方について理解をする。
- 顧客ニーズ予測と昨今の需要に基づいた公共部門にフォーカスした業界をリードするコンプライアンスに関する、顧客担当リソースの開発。
- AWSの多様なコンプライアンスプログラムの戦略的方向性の決定を顧客とのコミュニケーションと論理的手法に基づきサポート。
- 国内の業界トレンドとイベントにアンテナを張る。
- 主要な官公庁関係者と政治家とのネットワーキング。
- 社内/社外の監査役や顧問の必要に応じたサポート。
- AWSセキュリティ・アシュアランスリーダーシップチームに対し、すべてのエンゲージメントのステータス、課題、活動の報告を怠らないこと。


The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required:
- Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems Management, or other related fields.
- At least 6 years of experience in performing and/or participating in technical assessments in direct support of compliance efforts.

- コンピュータサイエンス、情報システム管理、または関連する分野の学士号。
- 6年以上のコンプライアンスの直接サポートにおける技術アセスメントの実施、または参加の経験。


- Experience in performing technical assessments and audits of network, operating systems, application security, as well as auditing IT processes; experience in working directly with senior government officials and/or auditors
- Clear understanding of cloud computing services/deployment architecture
- Demonstration of innovative compliance approaches in non-traditional IT environments (cloud)
- Experience and proficiency in public speaking
- Familiarity with local procurement processes and developing relevant proposals
- Experience defining compliance roadmaps based on customer requirements, compliance documentation, and ensuring that committed assessments are delivered on schedule
- Intermediate or better level of knowledge of certification requirements of an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) under the above-mentioned compliance programs.
- Deep understandings of government security policy for data sharing/ privacy data treatment

- ネットワーク、オペレーションシステム、アプリケーションセキュリティの技術アセスメントと監査及びITプロセスの監査の経験、上級官公庁職員又は監査役と直接やり取りした経験のある方。
- クラウドコンピューティング/デプロイメントアーキテクチャに明るい方
- 非従来型IT環境(クラウド)での革新的なコンプライアンス手法の実演経験のある方。
- 大人数へ向けての発表、スピーチの経験があり長けている方。
- 国内の調達プロセスへの理解と関連提案の作成に慣れている方。
- 顧客の要件に基づいたコンプラインスロードマップの定義、コンプライアンス文書作成の経験があり、アセスメントを期日通りに提出できる方
- 上記コンプライアンスプログラムにおけるIaaSの認証要件に関する中上級程度の知識のある方。
- データーシェアリング及び機密データ取り扱いにかかる政府のセキュリティポリシーを熟知している方。