Front End Engineer

Job ID: 760719 | Services, Inc.


The AWS Identity User Experience team focuses on making it easier for AWS customers to manage their software solutions through robust authentication and authorization mechanisms. Our mission is to enhance the customer experience of AWS Identity users by simplifying the complex nature of permissions management and identity storage, but still provide fine-grained control for more specialized AWS administrators. We provide web-based experiences for consoles such as AWS SSO console; which provides a central location within AWS to manage SSO access to multiple AWS accounts and SAML-enabled business applications:
As a Front End Engineer, you will be given the opportunity to work closely with a talented team of engineers, product managers and UX designers to deliver new features to AWS customers. You will design complex front end systems to solve problems in improving the team's internal processes for development, testing, code deployments and operations. As a technical leader, you will be expected to drive your team's design discussions around web security (i.e. XSS, CSRF), choice of web technologies (AngularJS, Angular 2+, React, etc) and to design elegant, responsive, fail-safe user interfaces alongside scalable, maintainable systems to support these web applications.
If you have a passion for driving quality, improving customer experience and designing front end systems that are secure, reactive and maintainable, we'd love to talk to you!


· Entry level knowledge of HTML5, Javascript, CSS and modern web technologies

· Strong problem solving and coding skills in any programming language

· Able to explore, dive deep and quickly ramp up on technical stacks, frameworks and design languages.
· Bachelor's degree in Computer Science/Informatics or equivalent experience


· Understanding of design patterns (i.e. MVC, MVP and MVVM) and their respective trade-offs

· Strong understanding of Javascript concepts such as closures, prototypical inheritance and promises

· Able to dive into the source code of front end libraries to debug, patch, and extend them when necessary

· Knowledge of NodeJS, respective libraries and asset bundling via tools such as Webpack to make dependent libraries part of a production-ready web application

· Knowledge of engineering and operational excellence best practices

· Understands how to optimize the delivery of code and assets (e.g., images, fonts) to a browser or device (e.g., lazy loading assets, using CDNs, caching, compression, etc.)

· Understands how to be efficient with resource usage (e.g., application impact on memory and CPU, caches appropriately, respectful of customer’s devices, etc.)

· Knows how to instrument software with real user metrics to reflect the customer experience