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Workforce Analyst

Job ID: 938834 | ADCI HYD 16 SEZ


The TRON team is an initiative which partners with the Amazon Robotics team to remotely handle exceptions in the Amazon Robotic Fulfillment Centers in North America.The TRON technology enables the human supervisory control of automated tasks. In the TRON system, a remote associate provides supervisory control when automated tasks fail for any reason. This allows us to avoid falling into the 90/10 trap where a task can be 90% automated but requires 90% of the time for the last 10% of functionality. Our strategy is to employ a human-as-sensor model and allow humans to perform just those portions of a task that require higher order cognitive ability.

TRON team is looking for a Workforce Analyst who can be a part of Planning Scheduling and Reporting teams and is passionate about their work, understands how to manage resources across a network of sites, and who has the ability to contribute new innovations to the Amazon TRON Workforce Management Team. This is a high impact role supporting one of our largest growing OUs and regions in HC.


· 2+ years in a contact center environment or a risk management environment.
· 1+ year of experience in Workflow
· MS Excel skills and experience in working with the following Microsoft Suite and Reporting Platforms: VBA, MS Excel, MS Access, SQL and/or MS Access skills required
· Proven comfort/experience communicating and influencing across job levels with both internal and external partners
· Proven ability to push back, foresee potential issues, and advocate for relentless improvement
· Demonstrated ability to deal with ambiguity easily, solve for both service level problems and the challenges of minute-to-minute change will be necessary
· Proven excellent analytical and mathematical skills


· Experience with forecasting volume and schedule generation
· Experience with the Workforce Management tools.
· Ability to develop presentations and a proficiency in MS Office suite
· VBA Python scripting skills is a plus
· Ability to effectively use tools such as Data Warehouse, SQL, etc
· BA or BS degree in engineering/operations/business