Senior Manager, Software Development

Job ID: 997918 | Services, Inc.


Are you interested in building tools that analyze petabytes of data daily? Are you interested in changing the way developers run and manage distributed application composed of thousands of microservices? If so, read on!

When X-Ray was launched 3 years ago we had the opportunity to redefine how developers gained visibility into the ever increasingly popular set of serverless and managed services such as Lambda, API Gateway, SQS, SNS, StepFunctions, DynamoDB, Kinesis, etc. Now in our third year of building a new generation of foundational observability capability for AWS, we're looking for a highly dynamic and forward thinking leader with impeccable judgement who can take what we've built so far to the next level.

As the Senior Manager for Software Development in the X-Ray organization, you will be responsible for a comprehensive stack of services that make it possible for us to enable developers to gain a better understanding of how their applications are behaving and reduce mean time to resolution during issues/events. We've only just scratched the surface of how we think about observability and how it can be applied to make the cloud more efficient and safer for developers. One of your primary responsibilities will be the evolution and development of the X-Ray to become the solution of choice for developers to use when trying to understand the behavior of their applications in production. With the increasing use of serverless technologies we see visibility into the behavior of services as a critical component to long term success of AWS customers. As a service used for mission critical applications by customers like Comcast, Thomson Reuters, SkyScanner and, and a number of our own AWS services, X-Ray needs to be super scalable, reliable and high performing. We have an ambitious roadmap that includes partnering with the teams that build serverless services, core compute primitives, and networking. Additionally, with efforts to standardize on a specification across the industry you will be responsible to engage with the broader tracing community including open source efforts such as W3C Trace Context, CNCF OpenTelemetry project, and ASF OpenZipkin.

The Developer Tools organization is proud to be a diverse and inclusive organization. As the technical leader of this operationally sound organization, your job is to inspire builders and recruit the best engineers and engineering leaders to build the services and technologies that will be the backbone of observability at AWS for the next decade and beyond.


· A minimum of 15+ years of experience driving long term engineering and product decisions
· Experience with and passion for application development and performance management
· Risk taker, big thinker, & relentlessly operational
· Experience scaling a diverse, dynamic and fast growing technical team
· Proven ability to hire & develop a divers, high performing, inclusive organization


· Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science or related technical field